Did You Know That…Informing on Molesters – Not Messirah


This is indeed a distraction and WIS will not waste to much cyberspace on this stupidity. I’ll just borrow from the comments on CHI  regarding this matter.

9. Hypocrites wrote:

Yaakov Schwei is guilty of the transgressing on “Lo Taamod Al Dam Reiacha”.

He stood by silence while six innocent Jews stood trial facing 15 plus years prison, while a MESIRA was taking place and the Mossrim used his name to do it.

Read this letter send to Schwei at the time.

Besides; We don’t need these two above “Rabbi’s” to inform us about this issue, which is already [well] known to all.

This letter is just another tool to try and impose/promote Braun!

11. Ploy to Legitimize Braun wrote:

This is what this is all about. The Mossrim behind Braun needed to get Braun signature on something and this was a no brainier.

It’s just to put Braun out there and trying to legitimize him.
What they are saying is nothing new.

They are using this subject of abuse because it’s a subject no one can [and will] argue with, [this is something we all agree on, making this a no brainier, like coming out with a “Psak” that the sun rises in the morning].

Hay, you fooling the fools.

Look at me i'm ruining the joke guys


2 Responses to “Did You Know That…Informing on Molesters – Not Messirah”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Patting themselves on the back.

    Read these self serving comments and have a laugh, just don’t spill your coffee ;)

    Wis writes a comment:

    1. WIS wrote:

    OMG!!! LOL!!! This is great, I love these Rabonim, they are my heroes, thank G-d for RABBI Braun, I didn’t vote for him, I wish I did, this is soooooo brave of him, hes really going all out to protect OUR CHILDREN.

    Anybody whose against this letter is a abuser himself!

    3. Psak wrote:

    BH we have 2 brave rabbonim who came forward and put their names out there to stop this.

    the 3rd rav can sign on the same psak or come out with his own. either way he should take a stand against these terrible acts on our children.
    they are the victims.

    55. wonderful first step! wrote:

    Thanks, Rabbis, you sure upset a lot of people who either molest, or are related to or protect molesters, some of whom commented above…
    It was to prevent you addressing issues vital to the safety of our community that many powerful forces within the community fought tooth and nail to prevent you from taking power.

    40. Thanking our distinguished Rabonim wrote:

    To all that elect to criticise our Rabonim will you please at least have the courage to write your names. Do you know what a pashkvile is ???

    Thanks to our revered Rabonim for elucidating and giving a clear psak din.

    To all pedophiles you have been warned if you need help get help before you bring shame on yourself and your families.

    33. Eli wrote:

    harav yy braun …. you pulled thru and showed your true colours. your a strong guy and did the 100% right thing. this is a big and bold move fwd and a big step in letting every one know that this behavior will never be acceptable and wont be protected by your beis din. lo zi derech avoseini

    32. from what angle… wrote:

    if the CH Beis Din is the second one in the world to come out with a psak like this then i would think that its either the smartest move or the worst.

    in almost all cases of child sexual abuse in the orthodox communities the victim (for many diff reasons) are brought to the locale rabanim to deal with it. and if history is a gauge on whether or not that was effective, its clearly not.

    these 2 rabonim realized that they don’t have the tools to deal with these kinds of crimes but at the same time want to end it and thank god are willing to have these predators put in jail. Even if in the short term the community etc will look bad. God bless them.

    25. Good Stuff wrote:

    KUDOS to Rabbi Bruan and Rabbis Shwie, I was never fan of that camp, but you do not need permission from a Rabbi to call the Police on a child molster, people have NO IDEA of the trama from victimes of Chid Molestation.

    IF there is an abuse on a child CALL the police ASAP, do not even think of consulting any Rabbi, Rabbis do not know how to handle child molsters.

    23. Yasher koach Rabbis Schwei and Braun wrote:

    This may be the greatest achievement you will be zoiche too in your life.

    21. KOL HAKOVOD wrote:

    Its a new day here in Crown Heights. I am impressed that these two Rav’s have made a stand to end this terrible thing here in our community. Let’s see if the third will join in… Rabbi Ozdabah, nu?

    16. Happy Crown Heightser wrote:

    This is Golden! We are the second Orthodox community in the world to come out with such a statement. Kudos to the Rabbis for taking a stand!!!!!

    15. Very Happy!! wrote:

    Its About Time That Something Like This Was Done! Thank You!

    Did you Know…that WIS predicted the sun would shine this morning and it did. WIS is a prophet.

    Another WIS prediction:
    When the day is over the sun will go down and the moon with appear taking the suns place in the sky.

  2. Comment Of The Day Says:

    i like the following comment for the reason of the fact that it shows how far a person can have his head up his ass.

    100. Rabbi Osdaba-s Boycott is hurting himsel wrote:

    I’m sorry for moving of topic, but this has to be said.

    this is such a important issue to our community, and if Rabbi Osdoba wont voice his opinion because he is boycotting the other Rabbonim, then he is effectively useless and irrelevant, it makes to difference whether he is right or wrong.
    if for every important issue the Rabbonim have to deal with he will run away and boycott it, saying “i disagree with him..” that leaves him dealing with nothing of use to our community, again I’m not saying he is wrong, just stating the fact that by continuing this boycott he is rendering himself useless and irrelevant.
    its better to have a small say (1 out of 3) then boycott and have no say at all.
    i ask the Rov’s forgiveness, but i feel this had to be said.

    Notice how he’s conveniently setting up the rules. Now the party hes talking against [in this case Osdoba] must listen to his rules because he ordained so.

    I like how these liberals (In Crown Heights- Mishechistim), create these “rules” for others.

    Exit Question: How can one become irrelevant by boycotting or ignoring irrelevancies?

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