Did You Know…


Did You Know… that the CHJCC had only recently (May 11, 2011) filed their 2009-2010 990 forms to the IRS.

Did You Know… do to pressure from WIS (exposing the corruption and fraud taking place at the CHJCC), the CHJCC  spent over $55,000 on an accounting (at least thats what they filed).
Did You Know… that despite spending all that money trying to hide their corruption and fraud, WIS was still able to find much corruption and fraud (coming up).

Did You Know… that all that has been posted until now about the corruption and fraud taking place at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. has been  mere soft balls.

Did You Know… that this post is just an introduction to our next post. On Friday July 1st WIS addressed a question (vie email) to Eli Cohen the executive director of the CHJCC regarding our next post, WIS has yet to receive a response.

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One Response to “Did You Know…”

  1. CPA Says:

    I don’t understand why a non-for-profit which more then 80% of their funds coming from government contracts – which would mean that there would be a paper trail for every dollar spent– would have to spend $55,000 to get their accountings in order.

    This in itself is very suspicious, especially considering the CHJCC did this as a result of this web-site exposing their fraud.

    For $55,000 you would get over a hundred hours of accounting work, thats a lot of time and money for a non-for-profit.

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