The Puppet Master



Chaired by: Menachem Mendel Hendel (a.k.a. Mendy or Mendel Hendel)

As a life long resident of the Crown Heights Jewish community  it was always obvious that the leader of the Messianic movement (Mishichistim) was Menachem Mendel Hendel.

Mr. Hendel was behind the Messianic movement from it’s conception (starting in 1994 after the Lubavitcher Rebbe OB”M  passed away).

Mr. Hendel was behind, the propaganda campaigns against the Chabad Lubavitch establishment.

Mr. Hendel organized mushroom emissaries (Shluchim) to counter and fight the already established Chabad emissaries.

Mr. Hendel organizes and pays for the yearly mushroom convention which is held in 770 Eastern Parkway.

Mr. Hendel sends millions of dollars to Messianic Yeshivas in Israel. (Which are ran by close relatives…more about this to come). 

Mr. Hendel has been behind all the court cases and lawsuits against any opposition to his movement.

Mr. Hendel has been using his non-for-profit to fund all the above.

To Mr. Hendel credit he was able (until recently*) to do all the above using many puppets and avoiding putting his own face at the forefront.  Mr. Hendel made sure not to sign his name anywhere nor seen sitting at the head table at any public event. Mr. Hendel did this so there could be no direct or personal backlash. If anybody was to take the fall or blame it would be his minions (he sent to do the dirty work).

* In last summers elections for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. and  the elections of the third Rabbi of the Crown Heights Beth din, Mr.Hendel for the first time in years did in fact stick his head out of the cave and made his face and agenda known to all. The elections did not go the way he anticipated, his movement did not win in a landslide  and he knew that many of his votes were cheats, Mr. Hendel retreated back in to the cave.

But one look at  Mr. Hendels board of directors exposes what we knew all along. Although Hendel did not risk putting himself out, he simply sent others to do it for him.


Recognize some of these names? Of course you do. These names have been signed in public letters to the community in the form of propaganda and endorsements for specific candidates in community elections.

We have also seen these people sitting at the head tables at public events. All this time Mr. Hendel using these puppets was running the show.

One Example of the Mendel Hendel “Elders” doing the dirty work for their master.

With over three million a year (being reported) Mr. Hendel can afford many puppets to do many things for him without him personally having to risk showing his face.

From: Certificate of Incorporation

2 Responses to “The Puppet Master”

  1. CH residned Says:

    I wounder how much Nachman Schapiro son who took a leading roll in the Braun campaign got paid by Hendel?

  2. intheknow Says:

    This Hendel guy is pulling a huge scam

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