$753.597.00 In Legal Fees?



Chaired by: Menachem Mendel Hendel (a.k.a. Mendy or Mendel Hendel)

In 2009 Mr. Hendel filed a total of $50,195 in legal fees.

In 2008 Mr. Hendel filed a total of $13,000 in legal fees.

In 2007 Mr. Hendel filled a total of $661.00 in legal fees.

In 2006 Mr. Hendel filed a total of $29,402 in legal fees.

Total Amount in [filed] legal fees over the years $753.597.00

The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is formed are as follows:

To create, form and establish an organization, the name of which roughly translates to Chassidic movement of Lubavitch for room and board and hosting of guests; to coordinate and administer a program to provide and distribute meals, free of charge, to needy individuals; to transport the meals from the source of the donation to such needy individuals; to provide and supply any and all necessary vehicles, equipment and gear to effectuate the foregoing purposes; to encourage interest, awareness and activism in local and national political arenas with reference to the plight of the needy, the homeless and the poor; to promote the spirit of benevolence and to advance and preserve the welfare and physical well being of the homeless, needy and poverty stricken by means of administering to the collection, transportation and distribution of donated food and fresh produce of all kinds; to provide financial aid and other reasonable economic and, in-kind assistance for the ultimate benefit of needy people; to aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with private and governmental agencies, organizations and institutions on all programs designed, calculated and dedicated to the improvement of life for the homeless, needy and the poor and generally to endeavor to foster, promote and advance the health,’ welfare and well-being of such individuals by all available means and methods.

Why would a charity as described above need to spend $753.597.00 on legal fees, thats a lot of money? Exactly what “legal fees” does this non-for-profit charity organization have?

$753.597.00 is a lot of money for legal fees, with this amount one could have a lawyer working for him for years. Unless of-course the cases in question are high profiled cases, which would then warrant your attorney to work over time or you are paying your different  lawyers to represent different cases.

WIS was able to come up with a few ideas of where these legal fees were spent.

1) Mr. Hendel used his non-for-profit to fund the 770 case, Merkos L’Iyonei Chinuch Vs. Mendel Sharf.

2) Mr. Hendel used his non-for-profit to fund the Shomrim Six Mesira.

3) Mr. Hendel used his non-for-profit to fund attorney Elie Poltrorak to write up and serve subpoenas to members of the community and for that whole litigation in general (other attorney and court fees etc…).

4) Mr. Hendel used his non-for-profit to fund the recent Zablo Din Torah (arbitration) between the Osdoba and Schwie camp.

More To Come….


3 Responses to “$753.597.00 In Legal Fees?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Something is wrong with your math. The amounts you state total $753.597 how did you get a total of only$93,258??

  2. lol Says:

    2007 expenses were 661000 or 661 this is the difference

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