Crown Heights Fire Burns In New Square


Regarding: New Square Dissident Burned by Attacker

NS Victim’s Family Shouted Down at Press Conference

Skverer Rebbi Will Not Condemn The Violence & Will Not Wish the Victim Well

The terrible situation in New Square in reminiscent of the terrible situation in Crown Heights.

All one has to do is exchange the words fire and arson with Mesira and the story is the same.

The “Rebbe” and “the Shul” in MQ can easily be compared to the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.  who divine themselves to be our leaders and try to dictate out lives.

If you don’t follow their directives, their agenda, they will do all they can to take you out.

The Victim in the NQ story is the Fischers, Hershkop/Shomrim Six of Crown Heights. Including all those who have been victim of Mesira.

And key most important, “The Shamesh – the butler”… The 18 year old looser now charged with arson, attempted murder, and the like… The looser who followed instructions, the looser who will sit and have a record of Mesira for the rest of their lives.

Mesira is fire, you play with fire you get burnt!

The Shomrim Six Mesira (by all the above) was an attempt to burn down the Shomrim Organization and those individuals who were being prosecuted, facing up to 15 plus years in prison away from their family (wifes, children and parents).

There is obsoletely no difference in the cowardly act that took place in New Square and that took place in Crown Heights.

The only difference is in the manner the burning took place.


3 Responses to “Crown Heights Fire Burns In New Square”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:


    All the victim in NQ wanted to do was open his own Shul. Didn’t hurt anybody, didn’t do anything negative etc… It’s still the United States of America.

    The shomrim, are a group of Volunteers who do only good.

    The NQ establishment divined that what the victim was doing was no good and so they launched a campaign of Harassment, intimidation and terror. Which led up to the Aron.

    The self appointed establishment of Crown Heights has for years launched a campaign of Harassment, intimidation and terror on those who would not obey them, on those they could not control. This to led to Arson, known to us as Mesira.

    In NQ we see the same thing we see in Crown Heights those who call down the media are to blame for all worlds problem and not those who actually do terrible things.

    Most importantly:

    The “Rebbe”- “The Shul” which is most likelihood sent the young arsonist to take care of business, will not condemn this terrible act.

    In Crown Heights the CHJCC and the Mishichist moment did not condemn nor protest the viscous Mesira that was taking place for it was they who stood behind the mesira, encouraging and supporting it from day one.

  2. Skver Terror Says:!/skverprotest

  3. Letter Purporting To Be From Victim's Family Attacks Skvere Rebbe Says:

    The letter calls the Rebbe’s brief speech yesterday evening “false” and notes that the Rebbe did not do anything to stop the violence that led up to the horrific attack, and that the Rebbe did not visit the victim in the hospital or do anything to comfort the family.

    Read More:

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