Shmira and COP/NYPD Members Get In To Bar Fight


Saturday night [May 2, 2011],  Shmira – C.O.P/NYPD members Yossi Stern, Yaakov (Yanki) Prager, Mendy ‘Kaka’ Chain, Mike Jaffe, Yisroel (Izzy) Cousin and chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Zaki Tamir left their wife and kids at home to hang out, drink and get drunk at a bar.

And so they did, they drank and got drunk. Being the thugs and jerks that they are it didn’t take long until the group managed to initiate a fight with other patrons at the bar.

Sources relate that the Shmira/C.O.P members got it to a confrontation with two Italians males and as a result a fight broke out. The two Italians not interested in fighting, left the bar and headed to their vehicles. As the Italians  were entering their vehicle Shmira and C.O.P member Mendy ‘Kaka’ Chain, rammed his vehicle it to theirs.

Again a fight broke out, police were called and oddly enough the only ones arrested that night were the two Italians.
Sources relate that when police arrived at the scene the Shmira /C.O.P. members showed their C.O.P NYPD issues IDs and demanded that the Italians get locked up.

This is not the first time the Shmira/COP members have used and abused their city issued NYPD IDs to either get away from a crime or to have another arrested.

As a result of injuries sustained Shmira/C.O.P members  Mike Jaffe and Yisroel (Izzy) Cousin were taken to the hospital for treatment.  Going to the hospital for “injuries” is a tactic that was used by the Shmira Mesira in the 749 case against Shomrim. The Shmira (with the help of Paul Huebner and Eli Poltorak) shuttled the Mossrim (who would later testify) to the hospital where they also filled out police reports.

If anybody has any more details about what took place that night and the aftermath, please email:

If you are reading this and happen to know the two “victims” who were attacked by the Shmira gang, please advice them to contact:


7 Responses to “Shmira and COP/NYPD Members Get In To Bar Fight”

  1. Arrest Records Says:

    Is it hard to get a copy of arrests within the precinct? Do you know which bar this happened at?

  2. insideman Says:

    the thugs named above are worried about the above post, they are afraid their wifes will find out they went out to hang a t a bar.

    • Ha Says:

      More like, their wives enjoyed a shmuck free night.
      The community should he honored to have such a rosh hakohol, always going places for the betterment of “kan tzivah”.

  3. Fools Says:

    You r all a bunch of losers. Get a freaking life you morons. Get facts and “sound” educated, at least. Not to lecture, but motzei shem ra and defamation of character are serious crimes halachicly and legally. But then again, pathetic
    Imbeciles as yourselves don’t care about the truth. Your jealousy is ugly and evil. So get a life, normal jobs, normal wives and then we’ll talk.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      By all means educate us about the truth, with the facts.

    • john doe Says:

      Uh look! someones having a hissy fit because he just read something he doesn’t like and all he can resort to is name calling, like losers, morons, imbeciles, pathetic, and try to put WIS down as uneducated, criminal, ugly and evil, of course he has to add the words “not to lecture etc” meaning I have an education, and know a lot more then you because I’m the smartest guy in the room. Typical ignorant liberal.

      1) Your reading a ‘highly’ successful blogs run by morons?

      2) As WIS answered you, you added no facts or rebuttal or denial for that matter, just name calling in your hissy fit.

      3) WIS causes a lot of scammers, thieves, and mossrim many sleepless nights and to crap their pants daily.

      Lastly if your so smart open your open blog for the two people (you and the closest person to you) that will read it, you can compete with COL and, and by all means expose the truth yourself.

      And really lastly, from your post we can all tell that your usually the biggest uneducated moron in any room.

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