Corrupt CHJCC Is Already Out Of Green(?)


Editors note: WIS is back from cleaning Chometz to cleaning out Corruption.

It has already been established that since 2009 the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) has received from government grants the huge sum of Ten Million Dollars, yet in regards to helping the needy in our community the chairman of the CHJCC Zaki Tamir writes on his website…


What happened to all the GREEN?

A few short weeks ago it was reported *on Zakis blog) that….

we have been able to emerge from a very difficult financial period and move on to the development and establishment of the Vaad as a financially independent corporation that is run in a professional and efficient manner…For the first time (since my involvement, at least) the Vaad Hakohol is starting to have a positive cash flow.

What ever happened to Mula Chanin and the positive cash flow?

Whats with the great friend of the CHJCC Yankle the Ganef and Mosser Spritzer, can’t he dish out a measly amount of $4,500 to help the needy of the community? Surely a man like Spritzer who has such vast cash flow can afford $4,500 for such a worthy cause. Surely a man who has dished out so much money for court cases/lawsuits can dish out a few measly dollars to help those in need. Surely a man who helped the CHJCC and the Shmira fund the Shomrim Six Mesira/Blood Libel can afford a few bucks to help the needy by putting food on their tables!. Surly a man who stands behind every Machlokes/controversy in Crown Heights can afford a few measly peso’s for something positive?

How much did the thieves like the Sperlin family who have stolen millions of dollars from the people of Crown Heights, contribute to the needy of our community? Surely with all the buildings they stole from the community they can afford a few dollars to help the needy.

What about Sam Melamid, who stole a few buildings from the community, surely he to can afford a few dollars to help.

Where are all the great fighters who have so much time and money for Machlokes/controversy, can’t  they put together $4,500 to actually help the people?

Why when it comes to Machlokes/Controversy, courts; lawsuits/Mesira does the CHJCC/Vaad and it’s people always seem to have the funding necessary, but when it comes to actually helping the good people of Crown Heights, they are always dried out?

How is it that $150,000,00 ($300,000,00 between both sides) was raised for a stupid and irrelevant Din Torah/Zablo which does not make any difference to anybody’s bottom line, yet $4,500 can’t be raised for helping put food on peoples table?

Where is Mendel Hendel, can’t he dish out a few dollars, surly a man who invested so much in arranging a scam of a Rabbi, can invest a few dollars in putting food on peoples tables.

How is it that the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. can Claim (WIS write claim, because WIS does not believe for a second that a dollar was raised but for arguments sake…) that they “raised” enough money to pay the Rabbis, yet they can’t “raise” $4,500 to help put food on the tables of those who desperately need it?

Who needs the offices of the CHJCC and their Rabbis if they can’t afford to do the one and only thing their supposed to do, and that is to HELP THE PEOPLE OF THE COMMUNITY? Shut it all down!

How is it that so many other local charity organizations who are self-funded or have to sweat for every penny raised, operating on pennies can do so much with so little, yet an organization like the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. which receives millions every year from government contracts can’t get their act together (they have so much yet do nothing and cry that they have no money)?

Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!

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2 Responses to “Corrupt CHJCC Is Already Out Of Green(?)”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Side note:

    On April 4, 2011 When Zaki Tamir announced on his blog that he plans to distribute food he asked for volunteers to help


    1. A truck and driver available at 11:30 AM to pick-up the skids at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
    2. Volunteers who will be able to help with distribution from 6 – 9 PM
    3. And a place to run the distribution, preferably someplace that can accommodate parking/pickups.

    Know someone? Contact me at

    Then again on April 8, 2011 (four days later) he again -on his blog- reminds about the distribution and again asked for volunteers. I don’t understand something, the CHJCC has under it’s wings an organization called Shmira, Shmira is a supposed to be a volunteer organization who have claimed more then once to have over a hundred members (volunteers), so why the need to ask the public for help, imagine with one phone call to shmira and there would so many volunteers that many would have to turned away. Besides with an organization like the shmira why make people (many who don’t have transportation) schlep to the location of distribution when you can simply have the shmira members (with the shmira cars) drop of packages at peoples home.

    In fact one would expect that the CHJCC which claims to represent the community would already know who needs assistance and would arrange to drop off packages outside residents home or apartments without them having to come down (many won’t) and sign application etc…

    But we already all know why the Shmira is really here and it’s not to help the people of Crown Heights, just like the CHJCC is not here to help the people of Crown Heights.

  2. toshav Says:

    they claim to be raising money to pay the rabonim, who need them, give the money to poor families, give the money to mosdos that help actually people.

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