No Donations or Mas Hakoal For Braun, CHJCC Takes Money From The Rent, Lets Tenets Freeze


Besides the Ten Million the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) has received in  grant contracts since 2009, the CHJCC collects rent from hundreds of apartments every month, giving the CHJCC a revenue of a couple hundred thousand dollars monthly.

The rent is supposed to cover itself, yet the above document (sent in by a loyal reader) demonstrates that the money is gone, missing poof, just like that.

Where are the thousands the CHJCC collects monthly in rent?

Didn’t the chairman of the CHJCC  Zaki Tamir just report to us a few days ago that his friend and partner Mula Chanin managed to get the CHJCC finances under control?

The realty is that neither donations nor Mas Hakoal was collected for Braun, the CHJCC continues to steal money from grants and rent money, all the while tenets freeze.

The CHJCC steals community funds to pay salaries and Braun instead of using it for the needy of the community.

Now the CHJCC will go to the government and ask to get emergency grant from the HEAP program so they may continue lining their private pockets with tax payers dollars meant to help the needy of our community.

It’s all about milking the government for more tax payer’s money, so they may line their own private pockets.

Besides (as reported on WIS) doesn’t the CHJCC already get a whole bunch of money just for this purpose from the  Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), to be exact  $4,628,653.00,  this is Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) money already given and gone (?).

Millions of dollars in grants, hundreds of thousands in rent, yet their are residents who do not have food on their tables, residents who can not pay rent and utility bills, residents who can not pay (minimum) tuition etc… etc…

Millions of dollars in grants, hundreds of thousands in rent, yet the CHJCC has the Chutzpa to send needy residents to other Chesed (charities) organizations for assistance. Private organizations (charities) which do not rely  on government grant to sustain themselves, organization where  organizers must sweat for every dollar raised.

Millions of dollars in grants, hundreds of thousands in rent, yet  not a dollar of it goes to assisting needy families in the community.

Exit Question: Families are struggling to put food on their tables, pay rent and bills, many don’t know how they are going to make Pasach this year etc… How is the CHJCC able to afford $700,000, 00 to buy some homeless man from Sydney Australia a private home for himself and his family, where is this money coming from?


Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!


10 Responses to “No Donations or Mas Hakoal For Braun, CHJCC Takes Money From The Rent, Lets Tenets Freeze”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Millions of dollars in grants, hundreds of thousands in rent, thats a hell of a lot of money. You would think that the chairman of the CHJCC, the man in charge of overseeing all this money would be to busy giving this money out to the needy families of the community. You would think with such a large amount of money, the chairman, the man in charge of this money would not have time for anything else, being so busy helping people.

    How is it that someone who runs and manages an organization or entity with so much money has time for stupidity like Braun/Beth Din etc…, how does such a person have time to get distracted with stupid and irrelevant issues?

    The answer: its exactly what this person in charge of all this money wants, he wants and needs the distraction, so he and those who came before him (and are still there), can continue to rape this community blind.

    Illegal and Wrong: The Beth Din Of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

    Why Crown Heights never had and never will have a proper Beis Din. Why any “Psak”, letter or edict that has come out of this entity is void and can be used as tissue paper. How Crown Heights was coned for over 30 years.
    All this coming up.

  2. Mendy Says:

    Let me ask you a simple question: Does the IRS not audit them? They obviously do! and they were found to be clean.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Your obviously misinformed about how the IRS works.

      Following your logic, how did Berney Madoff and all other swindlers (filing 990), get away for so long with their ponzi schemes, didn’t the IRS “obviously” audit them?

      In regards to the CHJCC, how do you know as a matter of fact Mr. Mendy that the IRS did in fact audit the CHJCC and how do you know what the results were?

      Can you Mr. Mendy explain where the millions have disappear?

    • accountant Says:

      Filing your taxes does not count as an audit, the IRS does not automatically audit everyone.

      And just because someone filed something does not make it true.

    • To fool a fool Says:

      if that what they told you when you went to inquire at the CHJCC, they showed you the 990 they filled out to the IRS and said, “hay, look what we say is true, because thats what we wrote to the IRS”.

      How did they explain the $600,000 in supplies,
      the $100,000 in meetings and conferences,
      the seven million from the WAP program,

      How did they explain all the fraud and corruption pointed out here on WIS, did they just tell you to ignore.

      Another thing I noticed, WIS has been exposing the CHJCC for a couple of months now, Mendys comment is the first and only comment of someone trying to expose them.

      The simple question to Mr. Mendy is…
      How much money do you get for kick backs, are you part of the fraud and corruption?

      Also, the CHJCC has made it a point to get in to everybody’s private business and try to dictate to Crown Heights residents how to run our lives, yet when it come to them, a public non-for-profit organization which relies mostly if not all on government funding, there is all of a sudden a quit, secrecy, when it comes to the CHJCC, we ca not ask question, they do what they want and when they want.

      Those days are clearly over!

  3. antimesira Says:

    Who cares about the millions missing or stolen, we have bigger more pressing issues that have to dealt with.

    We have a full list of created controversies that have to be dealt with first:
    (not in order)
    1. Yechi or no yechi (Mishichist or “anti-mishichist”).
    2. Fischer vs. CHJCC/”Beth Din”
    3. Shomrim vs. Shmira
    4. Hershkop vs. Spritzer (Machne Menachem)
    5. Osdoba vs. Schwei
    5. Ye Braun, No Braun (the Zablo Din Torah)

    Ummm, what have I missed, what other fake controversies were created in order to keep the people distracted while the people at the CHJCC robbed the community?

    If I missed anything, please fill me in

  4. me Says:

    Mendy must be new on WIS

  5. Toshav Says:

    “Millions of dollars in grants, hundreds of thousands in rent, yet the CHJCC has the Chutzpa to send needy residents to other Chesed (charities) organizations for assistance.”

    The people at the CHJCC, Zaki Tamir included even have the Chutzpa of straight stating…
    “we don’t need to help people, there are so many organizations which already do, all we have to do it direct people to them”.

    Wow, they get ten million dollars to direct people elsewhere, now thats amazing.

  6. CHJCC Transparency? Says:

  7. Vi iz der emmes? Says:

    Could Chanin have “borrowed” the money to keep his latest Ponzi scheme afloat? From what I heard about BPS, that may well have been what it was – a Ponzi where some of the salesmen got high commissions because Chanin der chozzerfresser did not pay later ones and used that money to pay his first ones.

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