Shmira Huebner Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Lawsuit Shomrim


The following post was sent in vie email  by a WIS fan.

Dear WIS:

On February 8, 2011 I sent an email to Zaki Tamir,  the chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., as follows:

from   xxxxx xxxxx<
date   Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 8:10 PM
subject   Lawsuit


Hay Zaki,

I have been hearing a lot about a lawsuit of $144 million brought against members of our community who volunteer in Shomrim, can anything be done to get that lawsuit out of court?

xxxxx xxxxx

The Chairman Zaki Tamir who is also an attorney responded two whole days later, as follows:

from       Isaac Tamir <>
to            xxxxx xxxxx<
date       Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 8:07 PM
subject  Re: Lawsuit

What is the docket number?

I was shocked to receive such a responds. 1. Zaki is an attorney and could have easily looked it up  on ecourts, especially when he had two days to do so. 2. Zaki could have either called Huebner or Shomrim/Hershkop to inquire on the matter, which assuming from his reply, he did not do so.

So pretending not to be shocked I replied in the following manner:

from   xxxxx xxxxx<
date   Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 1:04 PM
subject   Re:  Lawsuit


A few days ago I received an email with a link to the lawsuit, describing what going on etc… and asking us to do all we can to get Huebner to drop the case.

The email requested we send you an email.

I figured that being Huebner is part of Shmira which in turn is part of the CHJCC, that you might have some control over this.

Good Shabbos,
xxxxx x.

I have since not received a responds.

If your going to post this, please don’t post my name.

a huge fan,
xxxxx xxxxx
(end of email)

Coming Up….What is going on with Huebners/Shmira/CHJCC lawsuit against the Shomrim Six?



2 Responses to “Shmira Huebner Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Lawsuit Shomrim”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Does Zaki really think people are this stupid or is he the stupid one?

  2. awacs Says:

    Random question: isn’t the lawsuit time-barred under CPLR #215? One year for battery, you know.

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