Poll: What Have You Learnt From WIS?


2 Responses to “Poll: What Have You Learnt From WIS?”

  1. me Says:

    I knew there was corruption, but did not think to this extent.

    I always imagined that they got a couple of thousand dollars and thats it and the shtick they did was launder their own money to avoid taxes etc… but now we clearly see that besides laundering money they are making a killing -millions- just by being there.

    It makes me sick in the stomach. Why do the residents have to suffer from messira after messira because a few individuals want to protect ‘our’ pot of gold.

  2. Zelig Mink Says:

    It seems that WIS is the only source of information as to the going ons in the CHJCC,

    Keep up the great work, I just love this site.

    You should advertise this site, many CH residents don’t know about it.

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