The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Has Been Gagged


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Has a gag order been put on The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC)?

After eight months in office the only project that actually comes to fruition in the CHJCC blog, which promises to update the Crown Heights Community with information  on programs etc… the latest news etc…

Sadly the site has been dead for several weeks. Last news update was on December 21, 2010. Could it be that since then nothing has actually happened?

The last newsletter bi-weekly available on-line was from December 24, 2010.

Last newsletter printed was January 7, 2011, which has not been uploaded to the CHJCC blog. Why wasn’t it uploaded yet?

This week, being two weeks since the last newsletter was published, there was no newsletter. Why wasn’t there a newsletter this week? Didn’t so much happen last week?

Whats going on with our Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., why aren’t we getting any official updates, why the secrecy?

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One Response to “The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Has Been Gagged”

  1. Knowing Says:

    They didn’t post the latest news letter because they are embarrassed.

    They know that everybody throws out from the Shuls when they give hard copies, they give out just to make a point, symbolically.

    Posting it o-line would mean it would be there forever.

    This week should have been a BIG week for them, with Braun and all, I don’t understand why they didnt come out with guns blazing.

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