CHJCC Annual Volunteer Budget Form


$11,334 spent on “Neighborhood Patrol”  FOR Two VOLUNTEERS.

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PDF: The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Annual Volunteer form

Let’s Review:

Patrol Volunteer -1- Taking hot line calls
-2- accompany victims to: a) Food Pantry; b) The Precinct;  c) DA’s office;   d) Homes;
Advocate Volunteers: 1- Taking phone calls. 2- prepare copies of CVB applications.  3- Mailing.  4-Making copies of necessary documents


What neighborhood patrol is this?

Who are the two (only) “volunteers” of this “neighborhood patrol”?

What hot-line calls is volunteer one taking? Whats the number, have we seen this anywhere?

What victims are we talking about? Victims of what?

a) Food Pantry? What food Pantry are we talking about here, does anybody know of any food pantry’s?

b) Someones getting paid to take “victims” to the precinct, doesn’t the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. have a “VOLUNTEER” organization called the Shmira that claims to do just that?

c) District Attorneys Office? Whose going to the DA’s office? Whose taking them to the DA’s office?
The only one WIS can recall taking “Victims” to the DA’s office is one going by the name Paul Huebner. Paul Huebner is a Shmira “volunteer” and part of the COP program. Did Paul Huebner get paid by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. for going after Shomrim (six)?

What we have here is two people getting paid for something we don’t see, for something that does not exists.

– (minus)
=$133,984. What is done with the rest o the money? 


Wis thanks the individual who sent in this information.

“Plug The Damn Hole”


5 Responses to “CHJCC Annual Volunteer Budget Form”

  1. Says:

  2. Me Says:

    What does “food pantry” have to do with victim assistance?

  3. shmira Says:

    is there a third paying patrol now?

  4. person Says:

    powerful indisputable evidence of corruption! I like the new direction WIS has taken cleaning up the site etc.. although the mission remains very much the same, exposing the mosserim and their collaborators.

  5. WTF? Says:

    Where is all this money?

    Where is the help?

    This is total bull, what is going on in Crown Heights?

    The people at the chjcc are stealing all the money and at the same time doing all they can to shut the people who are doing good, like shomrim.

    enough is enough, im mad as hell, its time to demonstrate out side the conucil!!

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