What Disclosure? What Transparency?


Zaki Tamir states on his blog

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
From the Comments…

Q: If we are going all the way towards transparency, will the vaad hakashrus publish financial statements for the community, as proper stewardship would require?
A: The Vaad Hakashrus will be transparent and accounting will be presented to netzigim once per month pursuant to the by-laws.

Q: You and our Rov should work this out privately [meaning the smichah documents].
A: These matters are not private. There is nothing private about public service.

Forget about the Vaad Hakashrus for a minute, what about this…

Lets have some disclosure and transparency please.

On the CHJCC web site you only posted two namesYosef Yitschak Spalter and Dovid Leib Wolosow* as Board Members at Large, yet the document above reveals yet another two board members of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Regarding all our newly discovered board members:

When did we ever elect these people on the board of the Community Council?

What is it exactly that they do as “Board Members at Large”?

When were you planing to be transparent about this to the people?

The questions we pose above are not on the Vaad Hakashrus, they are however on The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (a.k.a. Vaad Hakohol).

By all means, let’s have some disclosure!

* Dovid Leib Wolosow is employed by the Sperlin family, he is also a Coordinator of the Shmira Mesira/COP patrol.

Which as a side note brings us to this…

Dec. 2010: Shmira/Koppo members Chezky Ezagui and Dovid Lieb Wolosow recieve an award from The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Wow, what a show! Wow, how much smoke and mirrors did the CHJCC have to use to pull this one off?

Dovid Leib Wolosow, a board member at large for The  Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. gives himself a plague to make himself feel good and to boost the CHJCC dead organization called Shmira*.

So how did it work, as a member at large did he arrange for his own pat on the back or did they have to take a vote?

* Why does the CHJCC need this so called dead organization called shmira, why do they attempt every once in a while to show some life by putting on a show and tell? Of-Course we all already know that IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, but how much? Coming up…


One Response to “What Disclosure? What Transparency?”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:


    Don’t let them distract you with the ‘Vaad Hakashrus’ issue, all it is is a distraction. When it comes to money the ‘Vaad Hakashrus’ is small stuff compared to the MILLIONS of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

    This ‘Vaad Hakashrus’ thing is another way of the Mishichisat Mossrim to throw the dogs (thats what they think of you and me) another stick to chase. Let’s not loss focus.

    When we find the millions missing/stolen from the CHJCC we will then get in to the ‘Vaad Hakashrus’ and more.

    Also Notice:
    WIS is no defended of Moshe Rubashken, never claimed to be. What WIS has exposed those far (if you are not smart enough to realize), the millions stolen from after the FAKE Vaad took over office.

    And Yes, WIS will go back as many years as need be, nobody is safe from scrutiny. Everybody will be exposed.

    So if somebody starts saying Rubashken this and Rubashkin that, you just tell them that so far what we see on line is NOT Rubashkin, but IS Chanina Sperlin, Eli Cohen and gang…

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