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There is an unconscionable amount of government funding allotted to the needy in our community, under the fiduciary care of the community council, which is siphoned away for individuals’ personal uses. There is almost no limit to the fraud taking place in that organization. A comprehensive audit of the Crown Heights Jewish ‘Community’ Council inc. is needed to uncover the dirt taking place in our midst.

Why should so many individuals in our community be without a job when the government allocates funds specifically for job placement and career development programs? (Yes, the CHJCC does officially ‘offer’ such programs, but the amount invested in teachers and growth of the projects are comical in relation to what should be offered and compared to other communities’ programs. Anyone who has taken the CHJCC’s courses, as I have, knows exactly what I mean).

Why is it that residents of our community find themselves traveling to Boro Park and Williamsburg’s community council to seek assistance with food-stamps and medicaid?

Where do all the government funds allocated for affordable housing in our community go?

Who has benefited from the ‘weatherization’ funds that have been given to our community council?

It is time our community wakes up and realizes that the CHJCC is meant to be nothing more than a steward for us, the residents of this community. They are not in charge of us; we should be in control of them.

We are literally being raped from much needed funds by people who are meant to help and protect us. And the most painful part of all this is that this is being perpetrated by fellow Jews who look like us!

We, as a community, must demand complete disclosure of the CHJCC (including independent audits of all expenditures).

When the right people begin benefiting from the much needed money, our community will begin to prosper. When less money is available for siphoning, there will be less politics within the CHJCC. The greedy thieves would join other institutions for their pillaging.

May our community be blessed (-trust me, we need all the blessings!).


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