Paying Braun: From Which Grant This Time?


The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Robbing us blind

ZT: We were able to secure much more than $200,000 in writing, and I am hoping to be able to sit down with [Yossi Hackner] in the future and get on the same page.(CH.INFO: Zaki Tamir Responds, Rushed Hachtorah? Disconnected Vaad?)

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The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. has never fundraised in the past, yet somehow they were able to pay the members of the Beth Din, how is that, where did the money come from?

f. All other contributions, gifts, grants, and similar amounts not included above… $425, 620.

WIS does not as of now know  what this money is ($425,620) and where is came from (perhaps rent from CHJCC apartments). But the obvious questions is, where is that money, how was it spent? It obviously was not spent on paying the Rabbis until today, because they are still owed a huge amount money a (WIS will get to the bottom of this and update you).

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From which government grant meant to help the needy families of Crown Heights will Braun (and other Rabbis) paycheck come from?

On a Side Note: WIS does not believe that any money was raised, not $50,000 and defiantly not $200,000. All money will be coming out of the government grants meant to help needy families, as was done in the past.

“Plug The Damn Hole”


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