CHJCC: The Eli Cohen Trust Fund


Eli Cohen and Chanina Sperlin: “The unfortunate reality is that all those pretending to represent the community as a whole are doing so for there own personal selfish reasons. Our so called representatives are lining their pockets with major cash, all on our backs, all in our name.”

June 10, 2009: Eli (Eliyahu) Cohen, the current Executive Director of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. opens a Trust Fund going by the name ‘CYTTL TRUST FUND‘ (Central Yeshiva Tomche Timimim Lubavitch).

The purpose of this trust fund:

In Cohens hand writing

Only a few days earlier [about 14 days] on May 26, 2009, the then fake Vaad, consisting of Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak, Fishel Brownstein, Zev Cadaner and Eli Cohen as the Executive Director began their tenure by taking control of the Community Council and Vaad Hakohol Offices by force.

2 days later (after creating the Trust Fund), on June 12, 2009 Mr. Eliyahu Cohen Executive director of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., using the CYTTL Trust Fund, purchases 5 properties, paying in Cash.

Click Image to Enlarge

PDF of Deeds:

Eli Cohen – Deed 1

Eli Cohen – Deed 2

Eli Cohen – Deed 3

Eli Cohen – Deed 4

Eli Cohen – Deed 5

Update: The other two properties, sent in by a reader.

$3,977,000 Total Amount Paid in Cash. Ye, thats over 3 million Dollars, in fact closer to 4 million then 3.

“Plug The Damn Hole”


10 Responses to “CHJCC: The Eli Cohen Trust Fund”

  1. Lawyer Says:

    According the Non-Profit Rules two people has to sign the tax return. See who signed the last tax return of the trust you got the other piece of the puzzle.

  2. Get it Out Says:

    This is all great, great work you are doing, but is anyone that counts (AG, DA) being sent this information?
    I don’t see much being done by CH residents – although if they realized how much of what belongs to them is being stolen by private people that would probably change…so the question remains
    Is anyone that counts being sent this information?!?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:


      You can do your part as-well, print out and send (as is).

      You can even email.

      Something tells me, with over 2500 hits a slow day and over 4000 on a great day that many from the outside are viewing this site.

  3. Major Fraud Major Crime Says:

    Very simple what going on here, it’s called fraud.

    Here is how it works.

    The original owner of the property wants the value to go up so he can sell for a higher price.

    Now the banks look at the area to see if the prices of the whole area is going up and if it makes sense (a lot of buying and selling).

    So they sell to each other in order to falsely the comps.
    It’s fraud and happens all over the U.S.

    It’s done in order to boost mortgage amounts.

    To understand more about this read:

  4. 580, Duh Says:

    Investment not going as you intended it to?!
    No problem!!
    Just get your local government funded corrupt organization to come bail you out with money that is not theirs.
    Your property that wasn’t selling? Gone!

    The payoff? The crook that diverted government funds gets to keep the purchase as a housewarming gift. Everybody wins.

    This is insane!

  5. See Website Says:

    Same lawyer as the sellers lawyer.

  6. chaim Says:

    I sent this over to the DA today… something smells let him review it..

  7. someone Says:

    You have no idea what is going on. Any of you thought to contact the owner of 580 Crown street to ask?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      It seems from your comment that you do know what going on, it seems from your comment that you did speak to the owners of 580 Crown, so please by all means, fill us in, explain.

      Let’s hear it, this should be interesting.

  8. Observer Says:

    Looks like CYTTL got a new trustee, wonder where Cohen went – it is still at his address.

    I guess they didn’t like the attention they were getting. Still pulling the same shtick anyhow, there still seemed to be money for 3 more apartments. search for: THE CYTTL TRUST

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