“Civility” is the New Censorship


….”Because understand, it is not uncivil to make the accusation, as they define all this. There’s no limit on them. They are not guilty of anything. What’s uncivil is when those of us minding our own business, bothering no one, are accused of some atrocity, and we respond to it. That’s the incivility.”

Rush: Civility is the New Censorship

Rush: We don’t need lectures from uncivil leftists

Mishichist Mossrim Hypocrites are demanding we submit on account of civility. The same group of people who have destroyed the Beis Din all these years, the same group of people who have tried to destroy the Rebbe’s Mosdos, the same group of people who have committed acts of violence against innocent people, the same group of people who carry out Mesira/Blood Libels against other Jews. This same group which ran a dirty campaign to get “their man” to “victory” , are demanding we except them?


Hells No to Mishichistim Mossrim!

Hells No to Corruption!

Hells No to violence!

Hells No we will not except a fraud!

Hells No, we will never submit to a “psak”/letter that makes a joke of  the Rebbe ZT”L and the Crown Heights Community!

But again, this is nothing more then a distraction. Millions of dollars have been stolen by these Mossrim who brought Braun to Crown Heights, millions that belong to the people (the people that work hard and pay taxes). Millions that was given to help families in need, WHERE IS THE MONEY?

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