Be A Man And Take The Blame – Don’t Put Blame On The Rabbis – It’s All Yours



One week ago a letter signed by two members of the Crown Heights Beth Din was leaked on

It was a general letter addressed to the community regarding community policing matters.

What were they trying to say?

Only a few days later did the real authors of the letter [Zaki b. Tamir and Eli Cohen from The CHJCC] went on to explain what the letter really was intended for. Tamir and Cohen spent over 20 minutes doing just that.

Why did they need [to have] the Rabonim  write a letter to the community? Why not write it themselves, after all they were elected into office by the community?.

This just shows how they use the Rabonim time and time again to push their own agenda, all they really wanted to do was shift the blame, they simply needed a someone else to fall on.

Notice how Zaki who is said to have written the letter tries to make as if he asked the Rabonim what they meant.

Why is Zaki explaining a letter that “the Rabonim wrote”?

Is it because he is the “leader” of the community, then why didn’t he write it and sign it?

This letter was clearly written by a lawyer, so why did Zaki need the Beth Din letter head and Beth Din signatures?

All just to shift the blame!

Shifting the blame does not work anymore. We know your game and how you play it. We learned the moves. Like a chess game, check mate.


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