November 01,2009

[CH.INFO] Crown Heights Beis Din Takes Initiative, Calls Bochurim to Din Torah and Issues Psak

It has been the talk of town for a week, six Crown Heights men who volunteer in Shomrim facing jail time for an alleged brawl in which Jews pressed charges against them. Many were taken aback by the inaction on behalf of the rabbinic authorities in the community, but that changed on Erev Shabbos.

Rabbis Avrohom Osdoba, Shlomo Yehuda Segal, and Yitzchok Raitport issued a summons to a Din Torah to five of those involved in what they called “the terrible sin informing on Jews to the secular courts.” Those summoned included Levi Paul Huebner, an attorney for Shmira, who Shomrim claim has been pursuing them by making frivolous police reports and bringing civil actions against the organization and its individual members. As well as four of the Tzfati Bochurim who are the ones pursuing the actual charges, Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel, Zalman Bronshtein, Schneir Rotem, and Yakov Shatz.

In the Beis Dins summons the Rabbonim issued a clear directive stating “according to our torahs laws and customs this is prohibited,” and ordering all those involved to immediately cease all actions relating to the police and the secular courts, which are not the rule of torah, immediately.

The Din Torah is scheduled to take place tonight, Sunday at 9:00pm, due to the urgency of the matter.

“We have little confidence that [the Bochurim] will show up” said Aron Hershkop, who spoke on behalf of those involved “they spread rumors that they offered us peace and that we refused, it is a lie!”

Hershkop added that he wished they show up and the whole matter can get resolved amicably. “There is clearly a driving force behind these Bochurim who told them not to sit down with us” he said, adding “that at one point we even had a meeting time set up one evening but they never showed up, and the following day two police detectives along with Levi Huebner showed up at my place of work and warned me that any contact I have with the Bochurim would be considered witness tampering and that I would be locked up.”

“So you tell me, who doesn’t want peace?” concluded Hershkop.

On the other side of things, Shomrim reported an amazing outpouring of support from Crown Heights residents as well as many from Boro Park and Flatbush who donated money to the Shomrim Defense Fund to help out with the legal fees.

Anyone who wishes to contribute you can by credit card at ShomrimDefense.com or call the Shomrim hotline (718) 774-3333 to arrange a member come pick up your contribution. Additionally you can mail in your contribution to:

Shomrim Defense Fund
537 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225


November 03, 2009

[CH.INFO] Before opening arguments began on Monday in state supreme court, where six Shomrim volunteers stand trial for an alleged assault, the prosecution notified the court that it will be seeking to revoke bail and may bring charges of witness-tampering before a grand jury against the Shomrim Six in connection to the witnesses being summoned Friday to the Jewish Court of Law, and the community pressure relating to the court case.

On Sunday night, the Israeli yeshiva students who pressed charges, along with attorney Paul Levi Huebner, arrived at the Beth Din at 9:30 PM. None of the rabbinical authorities were present at that time, so the group was told to return at 10:30 PM. When they convened later that night, the rabbinical authorities cautioned the yeshiva students, saying that testifying against fellow Jews is against Jewish law. The students agreed with the Jewish Court and gave their promise to not testify.

The following morning, the prosecution disclosed the matters discussed in the private chambers of the Jewish Court, seeking the incarceration of the Shomrim Six. At the end of the day, the prosecution announced that it is still considering witness-tampering charges but will not seek bail revocation, and asked the judge to warn the defendants against tampering with the witnesses.

For the first time WIS is releasing the Transcripts of November 2nd, 2009 of Assistance District Attorney addressing the issue of the Shomrim Six and the Beth Din.

CLICK HERE for Shomrim Case Transcript 11-2-09 – D.A. Complains About Din



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