Zaki Tamir Must Resign Immediately!


Dear Zaki and Mendle Hendel: Communism fell a while ago, why you bringing it back to life?

WIS demands Zaki Tamir resign immediately.

It’s nearly six mounts since you where first elected to Chairman of the Vaad. More than 1,700 residents voted for you. The vote and elections was taken as a mandate “cut out all this Bull Shit – its time for the Vaad to work  for the community and not against”. In fact, you Zaki Tamir ran your campaign on such promises, the promise to help resident with jobs, finances, and other social needs. When people casted their vote for you, as opposed to the Mosser Chanina Sperlin, it was because they wanted the Mossrim out, they wanted the thief’s and crooks out.

Well six mounts after we  elected you (for change), what can you show for it?  The Mosser Chanina Sperlin, who was voted out, is still (somehow) in the CHJCC. Eli Cohen the crook who was the Executive Director  with the false Vaad (of Mossrim) is currently running your Vaad.

Are you not embarrassed? What exactly have you done to help any one in the community? Where are the programs you promised? Have you ever read the description of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council INC. Do you know what your objective is supposed to be?

Whoever made the Community Council in charge of our speech and any other aspects of out private lives?

Zaki Tamir, “who the hell do you think you are?” You go and write a letter forcing the Rabbis to sign,  banning any interaction with police.  Is that your mission, is that why you were elected? Tell us, what have  you done for any of the victims, who were mugged, robbed and traumatized? What measures have YOU taken to curb the crime?

Last week your employee Eli Cohen said there was no crime and it was made up by websites. Today you are trying to strong ARM whoever reports on it? How many  people will die for your agenda? Last night a 50-60  year old black man was, unfortunately, shot point-blank. How will you explain to the 10 children of a Jewish  man,  if G-d forbid the story would have read “a 40-50 year old Jewish man was shot point-blank”? In fact what you going to tell the family of the man shot yesterday “because of my stupidity there were no police around? Do you think this is a joke? Covering for police inaction is a joke?! That is their jobs,  they get paid to protect. And yes, if they do a bad job one can and should complain. How do you explain nearly putting this community through another riot over stupidity? What you did with that sham of a meeting was OK, but reporting crime is not?

Zaki Tamir are you afraid of something? Is there some corruption going on and you don’t want the community to know about it? Because we know all about it! Zaki can you explain what you have done as you stood and watched the police tow away the Shomrim command post? Yep, you were there, you are in fact a witness. Can you tell us what you have done for the Bochurim who were illegally stopped?  Because we noticed how they reacted in  Boro-Park-Midwood- last week when a very similar incident accord. What have you done for the girl who was mugged, today its mugged and G-d forbid tomorrow its rape. What will you do then? “The police assured me they are protecting”, are you stupid? Really!

Mendle Hendel and Eli Cohen

Are you not ashamed to be working hand in hand with Mendle Hendel and his Mossrim friends, to use the Rabbis as your scapegoat, so no complaints should come to you. How do you dare have a letter written without bringing the oppositions to a Din Torah? Or are you just “afraid” the infringing on someone’s first amendment is a call for a lawsuit. So let the Rabbis take the fall?

Zaki Tamir come out with a resignation letter or an explanation letter,  because WIS has too much and is itching to put it out for the public to see and judge.

Notice to the general public:

click to enlarge

The Letter in question Click Here Chabad.Info – News _ ‘Stop The Agenda-Driven Police Bashing’.

1. Rule number 1 for any good communist dictator: take down all opposition, starting with media. Either take control or shut them down. Information is power, if you control the information you have the power.

2. As of now, as WIS writes this: The letter is only being carried by, a Mishichist Mossrim web site owned and operated by cult leader and terrorist Mendle Hendel, who has tried many times in the past to strong-arm control out of many institutions.

3.   a. The letter was written/drafted by a lawyer.
b. The Letter is illegal.
c. The Beth Din gets paid by the CHJCC.

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8 Responses to “Zaki Tamir Must Resign Immediately!”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Sharpton meeting with FCC about Rush Limbaugh

    Al Sharpton will not stop until he gets Rush silenced. Plain and simple. Rush isn’t a racist and doesn’t promote racism. What he does do is mock the Left and their one sided politics of racism and hate, and since they are so concerned with political correctness and diversity on the Right, they make an easy target.

    “We’re not going to stand by and let publicly regulated radio and television just go for marketing and promoting this kind of racism,” Al Sharpton said about his campaign to take Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves.

    Sharpton says he will be going to the FCC next week to demand Limbaugh be taken off the air.

    “Rush Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants to say, he does not have the right, though, to do it on publicly regulated airwaves. The FCC has the responsibility to set standards,” Sharpton added.

    “You can’t say — in the name of free speech, you can’t say anything you want,” Al Sharpton said on MSNBC. “We’re not talking about stopping free speech,” he added.

    “We’re not telling Rush don’t say what you want to say, say it at home, not on public airwaves,” he concluded.

  2. CHER Says:

    The letter is a joke.

    If anybody has a problem with any web sites or any other individuals etc.. they should take them to a Din Torah, NOT send out a propaganda letter using out the Rabonim.

    BTW, are we still living in the United States Of America?.

  3. WIS Says:



  4. Inside man Says:

    Zaki got sucked right in to the corruption, he saw the money and went blind.

    Whats money you ask?

    Lots of money.

  5. curious Says:

    if the letter has to do with the CHJCC why is it under Shmira? why didnt the CHJCC write it under their letter head? and who the hell are Shmira exactly to tell me what to do and when to do?

  6. zaidy Says:

    if zaki resigns there aint nobody better.bring back spilman

  7. CHer Says:

    This is a load of BS. Who do these people think they are to tell us who we can communicate with? Messira? I agree 1000%. But they are telling us we can’t be whistle blowers on bad GOYISHE cops? These ‘rabbonim’ can (I don’t want to finish the sentence), if they indeed have signed this.

  8. CHer Says:

    Morah Cohen, can I go to the bathroom? I really need to go, please Zaki?

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