Shmira Mesira Koppos Strick Again


(L-R) Koppo members Chezky Ezagui, Dovid Wolosow, (Insert) Dovi Sperlin

Eli Cohen and  Chanina Sperlin Vaad honors Shmira Mesira Koppo member Dovid Leib Wolosow for doing an incredible job in this recent story where he told the victim  who had purse stolen and who after the NYPD ignored him gave video evidence over to ,  “Don’t ever ask me for help again”.

A day after CH.INFO posted the video on-line for the world to see, Shmira Mesira Koppo member Dovid Leib Wolosow together with his boss Dovi Sperlin (brother to the Mosser Chanina Sperlin), contacted the victim and threatened not to help him ever again because he gave the evidence over to CH.INFO.

The victim is a tenet by the Sperlins and when the robbery took place he asked Sperlin and Wolosow for the surveillance footage of the incident and now they were threatening him not to assist him ever again.

It has come to WIS attention by simply following a pattern, the Shmira Mesira (Koppos) will only turn in (to the police) video evidence  that will only incriminate a fellow Jew. As evident from THIS story [UPDATE: Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life].


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