Free and Fair Election!!!


Resume/Qualification for Rov in Crown Heights Beth Din

In order to qualify as a candidate for Rov, according to Rabbi Rosenberg’s Psak, the individual

1.     Must have Smicha
2.     Needs be at least 40 years old.
3.     Must submit their candidacy by the 26th of Av
4.     Needs to be recommended by either Rabbis Osdoba or Schwei

In the case of Rabbi Braun

1.       He had no Smicha
2.       He was younger than 40
3.       He submitted his candidacy twenty days late, a short ten days before the election.
4.       Rabbi Schwei does not know him at all.  He only endorsed him based on the recommendation of Mendel Hendel. As Rabbi Schwei himself said ” now that I spent a few days with him, I see he is a Finer Yungerman”

Based on the above facts (and the way the elections took place), the Crown Heights community can and should demand a new Democratic election.

Anybody and everybody should have a chance to submit their candidacy.

The argument is simple:

All you need is a name and your good to go

Many conditions were put in place in the Psak Din to qualify one to become a candidate for Rov. Since it turns out that known of these qualifications really matter (as we see in the case of Braun)  then we must give anybody who wants chance to run as the next Rov of Crown Heights regardless if they don’t have Smicha or are under the age of 40.

I’m sure there are many young individuals (and even older) who would have put in their own candidacy had it not been for the initial conditions. I know many young men under the age of 40, which are learned (in all aspects of Torah) and who actually have Smicha.

In general, Rabbi Rosenberg went with this theory of “let the people decide”. When Chanina Sperlin and Elie Poltorak were challenged on grounds of Messira , Rabbi Rosenberg went with the attitude of  “the people of Crown Heights will decide”.

WIS will not get in to how stupid and irresponsible that attitude was and is. But going with that attitude [playing along], we must now have new elections giving all and any  a free and fair chance in these elections and “the people will decide”.

Only this time we will verify and properly investigate  all those running, it will of course be OK if the person has no qualification, we will make all information available to the public and the public will decide.


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