They Do Nothing And Expect You To Do Everything


Mishichistim Mossrim Scale

Last year this time Six of our own neighbors -fellow Jews- were facing a vicious trial as a result of a vicious Mesira/Blood Libel by a group that goes by the name Mishichist.

On October 14, 2009 the case was sent down to trial. Jury selection began on October 28, 2009. In the 14 days between (being sent down to trial until Jury election), many people, Askonim and every so called Mishichist “leader” or “Mashpia” in the U.S.A. and Israel were approached/called by Shomrim Coordinators and/or their family members to do everything they can to stop the blood libel.

One Mishichist Shliach was offered a brand new Safor Torah for his Mitzva tank, not only did that Mishichist refuse to help, he went on ranting about how the Mesira was justified. A few weeks later this Mishichist was involved in a terrible accident that claimed two life’s (including his son), may g-d spare all of us.

Some claimed there is nothing they can do, they said it was out of their control, others justified.

Fellow Jews were facing 15+ years in prison if G-d forbid convicted and nobody had the power to stop a few young Mishichistim from carrying out a Mesira, NOBODY?

Some of the following people were approached and either refused to help or justified the Mesira…

Where are these "Heroes" when it comes to matters of life and death (Pekuach Nefesh)?

1. These Mishichistim are only good when it comes to make more Machlokes/fights. Then we see them all over the place, pushing their weight around.

2. They can’t control their own people, yet they want to control the whole Chabad Lubavich?


A fellow Jew and Crown Heightser is running for Assemblyman for the 43rd District and we once again have “Heroes” throwing a fellow Jew under the bus.

Where was Moshe Malamud, Eli Cohen and the Hater Josef Spielman last year this time? They either put their hands up stating that they can’t do anything or they justified.

Why should we listen to any of these people now, where were they a year ago, where are they every-time a Jew gets mugged, beaten and robbed? Where are they when we get harassed by the police? Do they really have the Jewish community in mind when they decide these things (who we should vote for) or are they (as always) doing whats good for them  (filling their own pockets)?

Shea Hecht, I’m surprised and shocked at his attitude, after all last year Shea did stick his neck out for what was right, what changed since? G-d knows.

Rabbi Shea Hecht, co-chairman of the PAC, put it more bluntly. “Can Mendy Raitport do anything for us more than Mr. Camara? The answer is no.”

Question: What exactly has Mr. Camara done for the community? Maybe he has done things for you or Chanina Sperlin and Co. (lining their pockets) but the community has not seen anything of it?

I’ll ask this question: What is it that Camara is doing or has done that Raitport can’t do?

Exit Question: Can someone please, please explain this whole so called “connections” B.S.
What is it?
What does it do for us? How is it used?
Who can get it?
How does one get it?
How does one maintain it?
Can anybody get connections or only connected people?



16 Responses to “They Do Nothing And Expect You To Do Everything”

  1. Dov Hikind Says:

  2. FU Says:

    F the PAC…F The PAC….
    They are worthless to the community, they have no power and they have no “connections”, this whole connections thing is a myth.


    lets start with Moshe mamlamud
    he is a criminal being investigated for fraud
    maybe mr camara helps him ?

  4. john doe Says:

    You can only get it if you at the meeting (your the in crowd)
    You get the “Connection” by shaking hands with a wink.
    You mantain it with a photo that lasts forever.
    You get nothing but gain everything as when theres no cameras everyone looks the other way.

  5. WE CAN DO IT! Says:

    Let me tell you all a little secret.

    When it comes to these type of issues.…in this case public safety and getting public grants etc…, any citizen can take action and get results. We don’t need people like Chanina Sperlin or anybody with so called “connections” to push these thing to happen. In other words, anything Chanina could possibly do, you and I can do (easily and perhaps better).

    Here’s how:
    You take a pen and paper and you start writing.
    You write to every politician and his mother. You write to every public agency and public advocate.

    If you don’t have any money for stamps, you can e-mail (every city office and politician has e-mail these days).

    Guess what? you don’t even have to work so hard. You draft a letter and you copy and paste to everyone the same thing.
    Within a week or so, you will start getting responses till your mail box overflows. Some will reply that they forwarded your request to a different agency, agencies you already sent to (which is a good thing…this shows that many agencies are now involved – nobody can dispose of your letter/request).

    Some will reply that they will look in to it and send you results within 60 days (which generally they do).

    Now in this case, of a gate in middle of Eastern Parkway, all one (thats you) has to do is go to Crown (as 1bigcholent did) and gather all the accidents of people getting hit in middle of Eastern Parkway, print those articles and send them with your letters.

    Guess what, just one person doing this can bring great results, of-course the more the better.

    Hint: Start with mayors office
    DOT (Department of Transportation) etc…

    I say the above out of experience.
    You may ask, why don’t I do it?
    Because I simply don’t care. I don’t cross in the middle of a two way (6 lane) street. I educate my children not to do it, so its not my concern. Any normal person with half a brain would take the extra 30 seconds and walk to the corner and wait for the light.

    If you are truly concerned you can follow the instruction above and get things done.

  6. make up your mind about Heacht Says:

    all you lefties out there were crying we need Sheah Heacht in the vaad he has all the political connections….

    but now when he gives you the strait political facts his opinion is not worth a dime!

    comes to show that you don’t really hold of Heacht but rather are against the Vaad and will support anyone that goes against it

    • explain Says:

      “comes to show that you don’t really hold of Heacht but rather are against the Vaad and will support anyone that goes against it”

      Come again!

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but what your in essence saying is this…

      The “lefties” supported Hecht for Vaad because they are against the Vaad and wanted to destroy it…they wanted to put a man they believed in to run the vaad only because they thing he sucks and will ruin the vaad?

      is that what your saying.

  7. Good Stuff! Says:

    I am glad to see that 98% of the comments on ColLive are positive towards Menachem Raitport. I just hope that all those people writing comments are registered voters who will go vote and convince their families and friends to vote.

    • Tea Party Says:

      Whats also surprising and quit pleasing is the fact that most of these comments are not just about “hes a Jew so lets vote him in no matter what”, most of the comments have subsistence.

      People are making this more about the issues and thats good.

      Vote Republican, Vote Menachem Raitport!

  8. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    In Lakewood, influence splinters for Jewish leaders’ Vaad

    Rabbinic committee sees clout diminish on political, development issues

    LAKEWOOD — For a man who had lived here only one year, Bill Hobday felt remarkably secure as a candidate for Township Committee in early 2002. He already had Republican Party backing and faced no opponent in the June primary.

    The only matter left was a meeting … a courtesy, he thought … with local Orthodox Jewish leaders who called themselves the Vaad.

    Hobday wasn’t prepared for what followed. Within a week of that interview, the Vaad issued a newsletter telling the Jewish community to write in another candidate’s name on Election Day, that of 28-year-old Air Force chaplain Menashe Miller. The bulletin was headlined, “We MUST Knock Out Bill Hobday!!!”

    Five days later, 3,732 ballots were cast for Miller, defeating Hobday by a 60 percent margin. It was one of only a handful of times in Ocean County history that a write-in challenger ousted an official candidate in a municipal election.

    “I was unfamiliar with the power structure here,” said Hobday, now 68. “It was a terrible shock to us.”

    Scroll forward eight years to 2010, and it’s the Vaad that’s now experiencing a jolt … one so intense a local official likened it to an “Orthodox Tea Party” backlash.

    Known as a potent political force able to steer entire voting blocs, this body of rabbis, businessmen and government liaisons was unable in recent months to muster enough Orthodox community support for its most established darling.

    In this bubble of rigid customs and clear hierarchies, a consensus has formed that the grip of the old order is slipping as technology and new thinking take hold.

    It is struggling, they say, to keep up with an expanding Orthodox population as fresh voices speak out and the economy shifts personal priorities.

    “We’re at a point where the community has minds of its own and does not just follow recommendations without understanding them,” Vaad member Avrohom Moshe Muller said. “It puts us in a different position.”

    Some Lakewood leaders argue that a splintered Orthodox constituency may hurt the town’s influence at the state level. Others see the diminished leadership role as a healthy swing toward an open political system.

    To Read The Rest Click Here

  9. Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski Says:

    Emotion v. intellect

    By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

    A world-renowned psychiatrist answers: How can we know factual reality when our emotions distort our perception?

    “We were like grasshoppers in our eyes, and so we were in their eyes.”

    — Numbers 13:33

    This verse was the origin of all my writings and emphasis on self-esteem. In this unique syntax, the Torah (Bible) teaches us a psychological principle of the greatest importance: The way you feel about yourself is how you think others perceive you.

    The foremost commentator, Rashi, expands upon this concept. The spies said, ”We heard the Canaanites say, ‘Look! There are ants crawling in our vineyards.’ ” The Torah says that the spies felt as small as grasshoppers, which are still much larger than ants. Furthermore, how could the spies know what the Canaanites were saying? How could they understand their language?

    Rashi is teaching us that low self-esteem is progressive and self-reinforcing. If you have a distorted, negative self-concept, it is apt to further deteriorate. You may begin by feeling as small as grasshoppers, but your self-image will shrink and you will eventually think even less of yourself. In addition, you will assume that others are making negative comments about you, even if you are not privy to what they are saying. A distorted, negative self-concept can lead to paranoia.

    The Midrash on this verse expounds another important psychological principle. ”G-d said, ‘I forgive you for saying, ”We were like grasshoppers in our eyes.” But why did you say, ”and so we were in their eyes?” How do you know that I did not make you appear to them as mighty angels? For that I do not forgive you’ ” (Tanchuma).

  10. antimesira- antimishichist Says:

    Curiosity got the best of me and I watched a few minutes of the mishichist Mossrim Kumzitz and I must say that even I was embarrassed for them.

    I felt so bad i had to stop watching after 10 minutes.

    It was tasteless and just plain stupid.

    And of course they played the “victim” card.

    Most of the crowed (80%) are from crown heights

  11. CH Resident Says:

    “A few weeks later this Mishichist was involved in a terrible accident that claimed two life’s (including his son), may g-d spare all of us.”

    It’s really sad that two innocent life’s were lost, they had nothing to do with any mesira or justifying of mesira. Why did they have to be the Karbonose/Sacrifices as a result of pure hate?

    How can a man deny a Safor Torah the blue prints of a Jew all in the name of hate and mesira?

  12. shocked Says:

    A Safer Torah was offered in exchange of helping out Yidden and it was turned down?

    shocking and disgraceful!!!

    And for what? Pure hate.

    How can one go ahead and condemn six Jews to 15 years jail, 6 Jews he never meet before?
    Only explanation is pure hate !!!

  13. They should not be called Mashchissim Says:

    This are just jew haters dont call them mashichisim call
    them Hitlers youth.
    torah has nothing to them

  14. C.H. Says:

    I have a simple question for all the mishichistim writing comments here (Justifying and excusing).

    What do you make of the six ‘mishichist’ Bochrim whom only a few weeks ago testified in a viscous Mesira on six hard working, family members of our community. Did you come out against them. Find me one (using your words) “prominent” mishichist Mashpia/Rosh Yeshiva/leader or even just a regular “modrate” (eveyday guy) mishichist who came out against this mesira/bllod libel/Chillul Hashem and what not?

    In fact, only days after these mossrim (may they have a Missa Mishuna) testified in court, your official mishichist web site went ahead and featuerd the mossrim on your mishichist site

    Lets not forget the viscous post they posted when this case went to trial (justifying and excusing this blood libel).

    How many Mishichistim were praying that the Shomrim Six end up in jail?
    How many would have rejoiced and pronounced that glorious day, had it g-d forbid happened, as a Chag Hagiula?
    How many mishichistim were disappointed when Baroch Hashem the Shomrim Six were acquitted?
    How many mishichistim praying as we speak that the one Shomrim volunteer that did get charged with a misdemeanor get jail time tomorrow g-d forbid?
    Where was Groner? Where was Kalmenson? Where was Simson? Where was Shcwei? Where were you?
    Yes, All Mishichistim are mossrim!!!

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