Crown Heights Community Deceived


Prior to the month of Tishrei Crown Heights held an historic election. Crown Heights held an election for a third Rov, a Rov who would complete the Bais Din to three Rabbonim. The streets were full of hope, hope that once and for all, the Bais Din will be completed and united.

On the ballot there was a little known individual, an individual who flew here from across the world. As the campaign for the position progressed, the campaign, on behalf of Yossi Braun (not confirmed as to the Rabbi Part) took a drastic turn to brutal smear campaign. In his bid for the spot Yossi Bruen campaign  unloaded on another respected candidate. To the residents of the community it felt more like the pure hate and disdain was directed at a 40 year respected Rov with Smicha, Dayanus, and Shimush, (I might add).

As the weeks leading up to the election many questions were raised, “who’s paying Braun?”, “who flew him in?”, “salary?”, “home”, etc. At a “Meet the Rov” forum Braun was asked by moderator Tuvia Tatik “A lot of money was spent on your behalf… What is to assure the community that you will not be Shuchad (Bribed) by those who are funding it?” Braun with a smirk on his face quipped “I’m not aware of who is spending money on my behalf…and if it stays that way it will be fine”. To all those who heard these remarks made by Braun scratch their heads in amazement. Is this how a candidate for Rov talks? one community member was heard saying after the forum. Does “Lo Tickach Shochad” mean nothing to Braun? Is this all a joke to him? asked another. One of his greatest supporters the site tried to phrase it well “R Braun: I don’t work for anyone or any group”.  Is Braun trying to deceive the community?

Yet, a week later the little known candidate, from across the world, won the election by a Small margin. As the days passed election night one question lingered does Braun have Smicha, and Shimush? During the campaign aides to Braun released a document from Rabbi G. Tzinner attempting to depict a Smicha certification and endorsement for the position. Yet, it did not contain any date as to when he received this document, nor was it the language of a Smicha sheet, it was plainly an endorsement for his then new job in Sydney, Australia. These led to speculation that our newly elected and unknown Rov has never received Smicha and in turn never received Shmush (A vary important aspect in being a Rov). Did Braun intentionally try to deceive the community by presenting false indication that he received Smicha?

How many who voted for Bruan would not have done so had they known the truth?

Had the community been played for fools?

Care To Compare:

Rabbi Zinner endorses Rabbi Bogomilsky

Rabbi Zinner offical Simcha compered to letter he wrote for Bruan


6 Responses to “Crown Heights Community Deceived”

  1. Distraction Says:

    To WIS and everybody else:

    If you ask me I think this whole elections and Bruan thing is a distraction.

    The Chanina Sperlin gang are laughing to the bank while we deal with this stupidity.

    You want to end all this bullshit, follow the money, find out why Chanina and his gang are laughing to the bank.

    They don’t care about this B.S. they are happy we are talking about it as long as we don’t investigate them, they are happy.

    What chanina and gang are doing is telling us…”look over there stupid” and we like fools follow their bullshit.

    We got to hit them in the pockets. Forget this bullshit.

  2. simple Says:

    if obama won without being born in the us Why cant braun win without smicha he will do just as good as obama does and did for the US g-d bless them both!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    read it, it says yoreh yoreh, dayan umotz, moreh horaah niyisroel. cant you read?

  4. EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Braun Responds Says:

    A few weeks back, I emailed Rabbi Braun requesting that he show his Smicha to squash the negative rumors. The post below is excerpts from his response email. Asimov Rants respected his request to keep the email confidential for long enough.

    Disclaimer: I received permission from a Rov (with Smicha) and spoke to an attorney and was told that I am permitted and even obligated to post his response.


    “My credentials need to be verified by the rabbonim who endorsed me, or if necessary by the zabla beis din who oversaw the elections, if they have an issue. If they are satisfied, that should be enough for everyone else.

    Publicizing the semicha certificates will not do anything to silence those with malicious intentions.

    The evidence: From the range of semicha certificates I posses (which is nobody’s business, just like the amount of my salary is no one’s business, even though somehow even school children have been well educated in the intricacies of the matter and as such were severely injured by the gossiping plague which is of no benefit to anyone…)

    the one Semicha document that was leaked to the media, brought such untold pressure by to the signatory that he should rescind or deny it. This was done by choshuva rabbonim and mashpiim in our community, using a lot of manipulative strategies….

    …..The harassment hasn’t stopped yet. People will stoop to any level until they get some type of denial from him. He has had a lot of agmas nefesh from this. BH he has so far withstood the pressure. And has made it clear to whomever it may concern that it’s an authentic Semicha, despite rumors to the contrary.

    In any event, what publicists or media outles decide to do with a particular doc is irrelevant. (Editors note: he is responding to the fact that posted the Smicha as a endorsement before the election)

    Anybody that has a minimal command of Hebrew can read for himself black and white what it really is. It’s out there in the open, a signed doc. Yet that hasn’t helped quell any rumors… In fact it only exacerbated the machlokes or rumors.
    The same manipulation was done to many other rabonim who dared to endorse or recommend me, as I know all too well.

    Do I need to put other rabonim through this agmas nefesh too?”

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