Joke Of the Day Not So Funny


RABBI BRAUN CONFIRMS HE IS COMING TO TOWN! has learned that in light of recent rumors swirling regarding Crown Heights Rov Elect Rabbi Yossi Braun, the Vaad Hakohol – Zaki Tamir, Fishel Brownstein and Yossi Hackner – held a conference call last night with the Rabbi.

During the short conference call Rabbi Braun confirmed that he is in fact coming though he did not specify a date. The Smicha issue was not brought up.

In other news has learned that a committee is being formed to guarantee Rabbi Braun’s salary.

According to our source, the committee will include: Shlomo Drimmer, Yossi Malamud, Gadi Blizinsky, Mendel Shneerson, Oren Popper, and Zev Cadaner.

The Vaad Hakohol wants the committee to come up with and deposit 6 months salary in the bank and get another 6 months of salary in pledges.

A meeting between the Vaad Hakohol and the committee is being scheduled to iron out the details.

WIS take on this matter coming up…


3 Responses to “Joke Of the Day Not So Funny”

  1. CH Resident Says:

    “According to our source, the committee will include: Shlomo Drimmer, Yossi Malamud, Gadi Blizinsky, Mendel Shneerson, Oren Popper, and Zev Cadaner.”

    Wow, the A-TEAM!
    What a group of “unbiased” individuals.
    They are either all Mishichistim, involved in past Machlokes (fighting against Fisher, Aguch and Mekaz) or are Mossrim.

    Great, the change we voted for.

    From where are going to get this money from exactly, by any chance will it all be coming from S.B. Drizin?

  2. antimesira Says:

    The economy is in the pits.
    Many have lost their jobs or were forced to take a pay-cut.
    Families don’t have the means to make Shabbos and Yom-Tov.
    Many parents can’t pay school tuition.
    We all are forced to cut back.

    Even when it comes to charity we sadly don’t have what to give as we used to. If we give for this we take away from another.

    What are our community Askonim doing to help families in need, are they forming a committee to raise money for families whom don’t have food on their tables?

    No they are not.

    What type of committees are the Crown Heights Askonim forming?

    They are forming committees which will be using the little resources this community has to raise money to pay one individual who is coming from a great paying job in Sydney, who fooled the community regarding his Semicha.

    What has any of these individuals (mentioned above) ever done those far, for the benefit of the community up until today? What is their agenda here? Why is this so important to them?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Zev Cadaner is being sued by members of Congregation Shaare Zedek in West New York, NJ. The suit alleges that he took advantage of the two elderly boardmembers and convinced them into signing over title to this multi million dollar synogogue to him and rabbi Schneur Zalman Hertzel

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