When Elected Vaad Members Turn Official @$$ Kissers….


When Our Leaders and Askunim Forget What Their Real Job Is...

Many are asking now what? What will our elected community officials do?

A few weeks ago, on one of the website here in Crown Heights (ColLive) reported about this “meeting”. Our “elected” officials called to a meeting to “amend” some kind of tension. Present at the meeting were representative of Mayors office, Districts Attorney’s office, black leaders, Jewish leaders, officers form the local precinct, and others. The issue at hand was an alleged attack or harassment on a black teen. The alleged perpetrator was a foreign teen whom was drunk; he got arrested and soon after released with the conclusion being no racial motive.

Yet, our elected “leaders” and one unelected nobody (who love’s photo ops) call for this great meeting. The issue was SO urgent, and the community was on the verge of civil unrest, and all hell was about to break lose, that they had to meet at 10:00am. (So urgent, that this was a week after the incident, I might add) and what’s the conclusion of this urgent meeting?

Our “leaders” apologize on our behalf. They take a small incident that no one had heard of, with a foreigner teen who was drunk, the crime was all alleged, and they compare it to 1991 riots, for what? For a picture, they take all the residents of Crown Heights and put them in the mix, and apologize on our behalf? What kind of Chutzpa is this where is this heard of, that a week after Yom Tov our leaders initiate a meeting to apologize. And then we ask where the leaders are? Where are the individuals whom were elected to stand up for our community? Yes and even Sperlin who throws his weight around and has SO many CONNECTIONS where is he? You know where they are they are busy looking for situations where they can apologize. (The interesting thing is that when it comes to getting Jews locked up Sperlin somehow finds all the CONNECTIONS he needs).

Where was our great “leaders” on September 18, Motzai Yom Kippur when an Israeli yungerman in his 30’s was attacked without provocation on Crown Street near Kingston Avenue?
Where are our “leaders” and Askonim when we get robbed, mugged and assaulted?
Where were our “leaders” and Askonim on September 22nd, when the police was harassing our very own Shomrim Volunteers? Where were the “leaders” when the police department was removing for no reason at all a command center which is used to service our community?

Is that piece of plastic the police department gave you really worth stabbing your brothers in the back time after time? Is getting off a parking ticket ($60 bucks) really worth betraying your own community?

You know where they are, looking for photo ops, waiting for the perfect storm were they can finally come out as the saviors in the big media, kissing politicians asses so maybe they can help…mmmm… Themselves get more photo ops.

I’m already on the subject of where are our leaders and Askonim, so I’m going to take the liberty of asking a few more questions.

In a weeks’ time we are going to have an election. One of those positions is for Assemblyman (for those who don’t know, that is what Dov Hikind is for Boro-Park). It so happens that a member of our community is running for that position, why haven’t our leaders from the CHJCC  (Crown Heights JEWISH Community Council) endorsed him?
Why are our “leaders” fighting against him (by threatening the candidate not to run and by threatening stores and residents not to post his signs)?

Does Crown Heights have anybody representing/advicating the Jewish community and its needs?


2 Responses to “When Elected Vaad Members Turn Official @$$ Kissers….”

  1. antimesira Says:

    They think we are idiots and they blame sites like ch.info and wis for pointing out the obvious as if we are not already thinking these things.

    I read a bunch of comments on ch.info on how we have to do and call this number and that number, i hope and pray that at least one complaint was filed -not a hundred -which would be great – i hope at least one was.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “Does Crown Heights have anybody representing/advicating the Jewish community and its needs?”

    Yes, Crown Heights does have some people who fight for their brothers and sisters, they are this wonderful group call Shomrim. A group of people in this community who have not bent to political pressure. A group who has not sold it’s soul for a piece of plastic and some outside honor.

    A group of people who are from the community for the community.

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