The Mosser Henna White


Mosser Henna WhiteName: Henna White

Employers: Kings County District Attorney Brooklyn, New York

Some facts regarding Mrs. Henna White that has come to WIS attention is recent days:

The Mosser Chanina Sperlin got Mrs. Henna White her job at the Brooklyn’s District Attorneys office. (one of the three jobs Chanina Sperlin has created in 15 years of “service” to Crown Heights and what do you know, it’s a job that helps Chanina Sperlin and Gang carry out Mesira against fellow Jews).

Information out of the DA office is that it was Mrs. Henna White which pushed (with unprecedented pressure) that the Shomrim Six be fully prosecuted in the court of law.

Henna White got a phone call from Chanina Sperlin to get to work (owing him a favor for the job) and she did just that.

Somehow the Shmira Mesira people had information about all the court proceeding’s  before the Defendants in the case (the Shomrim Six) knew. The Shmira Mesira got a play by play as to what was happening and what was going to happen (before it did).

Its saddens WIS that there are Jews using their intergovernmental powers for the sole purpose of getting their fellow Jews in trouble (with Messira etc…).

As time goes by more and more of the truth will be exposed, this is the nature of things. WIS and many others are not going to rest as long as there is injustice taking place. By the end of this year (5771), ALL will be exposed.


Another piece of the puzzle has been found


A Failed Mesira: The Mossrim want to know why???

Moser: Chanina Sperlin – Out Of Touch


10 Responses to “The Mosser Henna White”

  1. Shocked!!! Says:

    Her sons were taken in by the Hershkop’s camp for FREE and one of them actually STOLE money from other campers and as usual the HERSHKOPS did nothing to punish him…SHAME ON YOU HENNA WHITE

    • Camper Says:

      I remember that. I remember they found the stolen money in shampoo bottles, I remember is being a Port-Plus bottle.

    • Why Shocked? Says:

      That is very typical, ask anyone who does good things for others.

      It is [almost] always the people that come for help that come to stab you in the back.
      (Look no further then the pathetic Huebener taking food from the Shomrim…, point is, a low life is a low life.

  2. me too Says:

    now that you are saying that i remember that i happen to be passing some head staff at the time of the situation and they were taking out the bills from the shampoo bottle

  3. Rabbi: Judges, Anyone Working for Prosecutors Can Not Be Called for ‘Minyan’ Says:

    “Senior figures in the government or in the judicial system cannot join a prayer quorum, according to Holon’s Chief Rabbi Avraham Yosef…

    …“It is forbidden to allow them to participate or to integrate them in any synagogue liturgy,” Yosef said. “We must ignore their existence, as if they were just air.”…

    …Later, in response to a question from a visitor to the Moreshet website, Yosef clarified that his ruling includes anyone working in the State Prosecutor’s Office or police investigation branch…


  4. Shomrim Six Says:

    Anybody who did help and had the ability to help was part of the problem.

    Henna White promised during the trial the Shomrim Six a meeting with Hynes put after the trial ignored her promise and instead arranged a meeting with the Mossrim Chanina Sperlin and Elie Poltorak.

    Now we know why!!!!


    is she so ugly ?

  6. Issac Z. Says:

    I tried desperately to get a meeting together with her and the DA but she kept pushing me off. Amazing that a few days after the not guilty verdict she showed up in Crown Heights with the DA and held a meeting with the CHJCC. Henna i am watching you from above. You got no were to hide. not good enough!!!

  7. C.H. Says:

    Henna White can not be trusted!!!

  8. Mossrim R' Us Says:

    If you are going to work for the DA your going to do Messira, thats what the DA does, if you work for them, you will help them, even iff it means locking up innocent Yidden.

    I would never- for all the money in the world would want to do a job like that.

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