After, Yaakov Avinu run away from Lavan and Rochel stole Lavan’s gods/idols.  Lavan approached Yaakov and accused him (in Brashis). “Lama Gonavta Es Elohay”- “Why did you steal my gods/idols?”.

This questions of Levan to Yaakov is a question in Meforshim.

If it is indeed Lavans “G-ds”, how they can be stolen, and why did Lavan still call them “his G-ds” after he found out they were stolen?

Since Gimmel Tammuz, there are people in the community (Crown Heights) that everything they publish in writing or saying they are ending it with the a slogan (Yechi).

Why now in the last Rov’s election when they published their stuff  (propaganda etc…) , they didn’t use their slogan? What happened all of a sudden, G-d (Yechi) is not the top priority? Is it  not so important? What happened, did they steal their own G-ds, -“Gonavto Es Elohoy?.”

The History of Monotheism

Avodah Zarah: Hilchot Avodas Kochavim ViChukoseihem

What is idol worship?

If this is not idol worship then what is?

One big joke and mockery out of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZT"L



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    i think you should take the picture of the rebbe with the crown off, just because some crazy person did such a discosting thing doesnt mean you need to publish it

  2. Despite Agreement: Yechi sign hung at Simchas Bais HaShoeva Says:

    NEW WEB SITE: http://asimovrants.blogspot.com

    Since 1993, I never missed watching the activities of Crown Heights in the heavenly theater. Lately, some of the older souls have been complaining about the same storyline being on reply since 1987. Most of us upstairs feel the story is interesting enough to re-watch, especially since the new characters are so much more comical.

    Yesterday, for the first time since my rebirth, I traveled to Crown Heights to watch the dancing in the streets. At about 1am, a fight broke out at the center of the stage. A group of young rabble rousers, under the command of Mendel Hendel, decided that the agreement between Israel Shemtov and the community council is not to their liking.

    The group managed to hang a Yechi sign on the stage and disrupt to the music. So what if the agreement was that until 2-3am there will no Yechi!

    “We never agreed, the Rebbe MHM wants the Yechi” one hermit shouted,

    I know that my friends watching upstairs are going wild with excitement. The old fogies are waiting for Kupchik or whoever took his place in the new version of the script to jump up and break Shemtov’s arm, everyone in the heavenly theater is probably on the edge of their chairs.

    Shemtov decides it’s not worth it anymore and leaves the stage followed by the whole band.

    The music is shut; many of the people leave in distaste.

    Nonetheless, the agitators go wild with excitement. They dance, while waving their victory flags, to the tune of Didan Natzach. It is clear to them that this is another victory for the MHM!

    I know upstairs they are surely disappointed with the results. To cheer my friends up, I walk to the stage and wave up to them, the topic has definitely changed to my resurrection, and for now all is forgotten.

    Until the next time they watch the same show……

  3. crazy Says:

    The Rebbe does not deserve something like this!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I agree 100%

      He doesn’t deserve everything the Mishichist Mossrim have thrown his way for the last 50 years.

      BTW, if you don’t like it, go complain to the people who paid to print it, go complain to all Mishichistim.

  4. Menashe Says:

    Do you have any rav behind any of your accusations of mesira, kefira, avodah zara or whatever other shtusim you will come up with next? These names you throw around have, if true, serious halachic implications.

  5. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    I sent this link out on my mailing list and one person asked how I could send this loshon hora around. This person just doesn’t really get it. Loshon hora? That’s the least of our problems! We are looking at a twisted sickness that has taken over 770 and is like a rotting disease in the midst of Lubavitch. Some people simply find it too painful to look at the reality of what is going on right in front of the entire world. If they want to be in denial, fine, but if they don’t like the message, then they shouldn’t shoot the messenger

  6. Picture of the Day: Can You Spot the Anomaly? Says:

    Meshichistim mossrim

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