Zaki Tamir Betrays Your Vote Hires A Mosser We Voted Out


Turns out was right all along about Zaki Tamir. (Search Zaki on OG).

From the CHJCC Updates for October 2010:

In the first of the official committee announcements, Crown Heights Jewish Community Council has announced the appointment of Chanina Sperlin as Executive Vice President for Governmental Affairs, and Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Board Chairman, Zaki Tamir, said that he was very proud of this announcement. “Chanina is someone who has consistently dedicated his time and effort in keeping Crown Heights at the top of the agenda of local public officials. Crown Heights is a unique place and Chanina has a unique way of representing us that has been effective until now and will undoubtedly benefit the neighborhood going forward.

“By bestowing this official title to Chanina in a public way we are giving him the authority he needs to make his voice heard for us, but at the same time we are holding him out as an example of what dedicated volunteers can achieve. We hope others will follow his lead.”

What a load of B.S.!

For starters WIS already sent a message to Zaki about this right after the elections for Vaad (Click Here), so there is no need to repeat.

WIS will however add.
This move is a total betrayal and a slap in the face to the people who voted for you.

The Crown Heights voter knows very well who Chanina Sperlin is and what hes all about, they know this when they went to vote and they know it now. Chanina Sperlin has been wrecking havoc on Crown Heights since 1998 (that 12 years).  As a matter of fact, only three month ago, Chanina Sperlin stood up in front of almost 400 Crown Heights residents and told us all what he was about. In the two minuets and forty-nine seconds that Chanina Sperlin attempted to speak, he told us two things…

1. Chanina is involved in (to quote) “intermentelgavol affairs”
2. Chanina can’t speak for the life of him. Chanina is NOT a speaker. Chanina Sperlin CAN NOT communicate.

The community heard him out (saw his “uniqueness”) and decided to finally vote him out. This was the first real elections in years where the community actually came out in numbers to vote. We had enough of Chanina Sperlin and his gang of Mossrim!

What gives Zaki Tamer the right to use the very rights we gave him against us?

Chanina Sperlin the Mosser and his Mosser friends did not vote for you and still would not vote for you today.

To Address some of the statements in the CHJCC letter:

…Crown Heights is a unique place and Chanina has a unique way of representing us that has been effective until now and will undoubtedly benefit the neighborhood going forward.

What is this unique talent that only Chanina Sperlin possess over other? Perhaps Zaki can arrange a class where Chanina Sperlin can teach young people who want to make a difference about this “unique way”.

Name one “unique” thing, not a hundred, but one “unique” thing that Chanina Sperlin has done in his 12 year tenure as a politicians for Crown Heights, besides being the cause of many arrest of fellow Jews. How does anything he MAY have done, justify the pain and loss he caused many families as a result of Messira?

Is Chanina Sperlin really the only person certified to deal with politicians?
Definitely not!

Chanina Sperlin never asked for forgiveness from those he hurt. Chanina Sperlin never made any effort to pay back for the damage he caused as a result of Messira.

EXIT QUESTIONS: Is Chanina Sperlin holding Zaki past baggage over his head because if so WIS can hold it too. WIS has 3 times more the votes everyday then Chanina Sperlin had in all his elections put together.

Did Zaki Tamer loss his Cojones or is it that he never had them in the first place?

Somethings fishy here and WIS is going to get to the bottom of this!

More to follow in the comments bellow.

8 Responses to “Zaki Tamir Betrays Your Vote Hires A Mosser We Voted Out”

  1. oy gevald! Says:

    Alternate headline:

    “Zaki Appoints Chanina Sperlin Chairman Of Messiros Affairs”


    “Zaki Has No Cojones/Balls”

  2. CH Resident who voted Says:

    When common sense doesn’t make any sense.

    This is sad news.
    This is the beginning of the end for Zaki.

    Do you think Sperlin threatened Tamer?
    Maybe the Sperlin Family gave Zaki some cash to get Chanina out of the way?
    Why should Chaninia be our problem, we voted him out?

  3. Doomed Says:

    Is Chanina Sperlin really the only person certified to deal with politicians?
    Definitely not!

    If he is then Crown Heights is really screwed and has no hope.

  4. truth Says:

    Did Zaki Tamer loss his Cojones or he never had them in the first place?

    Zaki Tamer never had any cojones to begin with.
    Right after the elections zaki went to suck up to the people who didn’t vote for him instead of going to sit with those that did vote for him.

    Zaki has shown weakness.


    from day one you could see how big of a POTZ is mr zakaki or plain KAKI
    the mosser Eli Cohen is there and zakaki did not change anything .
    the faild attorney try to use the chjcc as asteping stone to biger bussiness . well zakkai was a nobody as prosecuter=moser .
    he is a nobody as an attorney he will always be nobody who was elected for only one reason. he was unknown and crown heights wanted to get rid of the mosrim . now he show the true colors of a moser .
    please expose all his personal and public records . extramarital affairs etc .
    so Crown Heights will know not to vote him in again and maybe impeach him now .
    Mr Zakaki you days are numbered as a politician you bite the hand that fed you . and i cant even say shame on you . the shame is on the voters for voting a nobody to the position .

  6. awacs Says:

    To be dan l’koh zechos, just hypothetically, sometimes one appoints a loose cannon to a position where … well … there aren’t many things with sharp edges, in order to keep him a) happy, b) busy, and c) distracted. Sometimes one also appoints a fellow with LOTS of friends to relatively meaningless position with an impressive title, perhaps even putting out an impressive-sounding press release, in order to make sure HIS friends are YOUR friends. You get the idea.

    I’m not implying anything about the subjects of the article. I’m just saying.

  7. in the know Says:

    look we all thought zaki had what it takes to fix this community, I guess we were wrong

  8. i hope he fails Says:

    hope and change?

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