Must Watch: The Inquisition – Exposing Corruption


The Inquisition (Click Here To Watch In Full)

Corruption in the NSW Police Force is the subject of a new documentary screening on ABC in May.

The Inquisition will explore the Wood Royal Commission’s exploration of the allegations and will be told by the likes of Independent MP John Hatton, Justice James Wood, Counsels Gary Crooke and John Agius and Investigator Nigel Hadgkiss.

The Wood Royal Commission unleashed an extraordinary investigation that swept through the NSW Police Force like a tsunami. For many, the stakes were life or death. Not everyone survived.

The Inquisition by award-winning filmmakers Rachel Landers and Dylan Blowen brings together the major players in the Commission for the first time in twelve years.

It has been said that since the First Fleet arrived Australians have been unsure whether they were on the side of the convicts or the guards. From that moment allegations of corruption, and the Australian police force have never been far apart. By the 1970s many began to suspect that the 16,000 member New South Wales police force – the 3rd largest in the world – was rotten with entrenched corruption.

There was talk of high-level police protecting drug dealers and trafficking drugs themselves; of police involved in assault, in verballing, in fabricating evidence… even in murder.

In 1994 an extraordinary confluence of events allowed a now legendary team of corruption fighters to take them on. To do so they unleashed an investigative model so extreme, it seemed to challenge the very boundaries of justice itself.


2 Responses to “Must Watch: The Inquisition – Exposing Corruption”

  1. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    I get the message, The Who is Shmira activists are fighting corruption in Crwn Hts. It is never an easy task to go up against powerful vested interests, but what they fear most is the light shining upon their dark corner exposing all their nefarious plans. You are brave, you are fighting the good fight, and with Hashem’s help you will be victorious.

  2. resident Says:

    very interesting video, thanks for posting.
    its sad when the people who are supposed to protect the law are the biggest law breakers.

    As Jews we have to remember that we wear our very own commission on our head 24/7.

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