Crown Heights Loses – Mosrim Win



“Rabbi Bogomilsky doesn’t need to win, hes already a winner. Anybody who has Rabbi Bogomilsky as a Rov is already a winner.

Rabbi Bogomilsky was a Rov Yesterday, is a Rov Today and will still be a Rov Tomorrow.”

Concerned Says:
September 5, 2010 at 2:02 pm

What will happen if Rabbi Bogomilsky g-d forbid does not win?


WhoIsShmira? Says:
September 5, 2010 at 3:38 pm

First of all, think good it will be good.

Rabbi Bogomilsky does not win and does nor loss.

Rabbi Bogomilsky is already an established Rov and he will continue always being that Rov.
To those who have been using/respecting him as a Rov, nothing changes for them.

The only loss is to the community.
If the community does not chose Rabbi Bogomilsky the community will suffer worse then it did the last 10-15 years.
The Ba’al Machlokes and Mossrim will tear the place apart, the Mosrim will burn Crown Heights down till nothing is left.

It will go back to the attitude as one wrote in an op-ed regarding the recent elections… “my house is in Crown Heights, my shul is in Crown heights, but I am not part of Crown Heights.”

If the candidate of the Mosrim “wins”, we are in great trouble.
Nothing that has been written on this web site of the others against the Mosrim candidate will change.
The Mosrim picked him for a reason. All those who vote for him will be voting for thew same reasons (which won’t make them right).

We will have another controlled Rov and much more justified Mesira.
WIS will be here to tell you “I told you so”.

Think good it will be good.

The only thing missing from this Celebration are the strippers or maybe that was saved for the after after party.

So it’s confirmed what WIS and the other “amateur blogger” have been saying all along about Bruans associations with the Mosrim gang. For some odd reason every time a comment was written about that fact (the Braun is a Mendle Hendel puppet), their were many responses denying that and even down grading the very idea, if that’s not deceit then what is.

Had they come out in the open as to who is backing Bruan, they would have lost. This is NOT a victory for the Mosrim, the Mosrim lost in the last election when it was them (the Mosrim) running and their names pictures plastered on posters (had that been done now, like the signs on WIS in the streets, the out come would have been different 100n%). This elections does not give them a pass. The first real (out in the open) sign of their involvement was in last nights party.

Another thing they hide from the public was the fact that they were running under the Mishichist banner. Not one publication had Yechi printed on it and Bruan did not speak about this issue. This can be compered to the way the Democrats are acting in their bids for election or re-elections.  Mishichistim like the Democrats are embarrassed to run under that banner.

This is not a victory for Mishichistim.

The only thing I don’t understand is why the Rabbi Bogomilsky side did not go negative. [a few blogs asking some questions is not a campaign, besides the fact that WIS was never the official campaigner for anybody. The views expressed here were WIS ans WIS alone]. Did the Bogomilsky people really think that the Mosrim would play fair? Just look how the “no negative campaigning worked out for McCain against Obama.

The Mosrim took a young guy which nobody really new, show cased him around the neighborhood as a clean (no associations) type of guy. On the other hand they went and attacked in the worse way possible a respected Rov from Crown Heights and the world, what else were we to expect. They lied and cheated the people, should that be a surprise from a gang of Mosrim? Hells no!

Lets look at whose celebrating, WIS does not see “the Crown Heights community” celebrating, what we all clearly see are only Mosrim celebrating. You should all be asking yourselves why the huge celebration over a Rov? What does this mean to these Mosrim that they are so happy? And you should all get very worried.

Hint – Why are they happy: They are not happy because now we will have a full functioning Beis Din. The Mosrim are not happy because now a Din Torah will be a Din Torah (al pi din). They are not happy that a Psak Din will be a Psak Din (al pi shulchan aruch). They are not happy that all three Rabonim wil have to get along.

The Mosrim don’t care about all these things, in fact they despise these things, it is everything they are against. In fact it was all because of their efforts the last 30 years (and manly, stronger the last ten), that the Bais Din has been destroyed. It is they and only they who have made a total mockery of the Beis Din and the Rabonim in that Beis Din. It is they who killed Rabbi Marlow, it is they who tried to take out Rabbi Osdoba, it is they who brought Rabbi Schwei to fight Osdoba and it is they who bring us Rabbi Bruan to do G-d only knows what.

We are sure to find out sooner then we would want. Judging from their track record, it’s not going to be productive things (you know, small things like Mesira etc…). Strap in my brothers and sisters, if you think these Mosrim destroyed enough these pass 10-15 years, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

WIS will be right here to tell you “I told you so”.

As far as WIS is concerned the situations is as it was the last 15-20 years.

I HOPE HE FAILS: If WIS is right and the facts say WIS is right and Bruan has the same agenda (of destruction)as his associates then I (and i bet so do you) want him to fail.

HOPE I’M WRONG: But if WIS is wrong (if WIS ends up being wrong, very unlikely but still, IF is IF), then WIS will have the guts and courage to say “WIS was wrong and is sorry”, but that’s a very long shot and you all now know why. But now its to late.

Exit Question: How long will it take for these Mosrim to create a third brake away Beis Din? How long will it take until they start killing each other?



12 Responses to “Crown Heights Loses – Mosrim Win”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Writing “I told you so” post for the future.

  2. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    Braun the Pawn. A repeat of the last 2 and a half decades of machlokes. Same script, some different actors.

  3. antimesira Says:

    watch how all the rats like Prager, Stern, Skoblo Spritzer etc… come out of their holes to spew their hate and wag their tails.

    we will watch then and record/post all their comments.
    soon and sooner then we all think, we can all point and say, Nu, what do you expect, we told you so.

    What are they happy about? G-d knows.

    For the last 30 years they ruled, what did they bring us, machlokes after machlokes, mesira after mesira, court case after court case.

    Now they just got an upgraded license to do more of the same.

  4. resident Says:

    take out the pop corn and enjoy the horror movie.

  5. cake Says:

    hay crown heights, it’s your cake, now eat it!!!

  6. yankel Says:

    Please inform everyone:
    There will be a celebration for Broan on Eastern Parkway today.
    Millions will come from far and wide to rejoice and celebrate.

  7. john doe Says:

    I wonder if braun is in on the joke or the jokes on him.

  8. op-ed worries me Says:

    The op-ed on collive kind of confirms what WIS has been saying all along.
    The writer does not realize but many of the things he says do worry me, does he even know what he wants?

    In short hes saying, these (mosrim mishichistim) won so get over it and deal with it.

  9. whispers Says:

    I don’t know what it is but I have a feeling something troubling is happening regarding Bruan. I don’t know what it is, I just got this gut feeling that something is going down.

  10. no more mishishistim Says:

    one thing this election clearly showed is that they are embarrassed to be mishichistim and they can’t win being mishichistim.
    They know this and we all know this.

    They simply put on different clothing.

    “The voice is the voice of Yaakov put the hands are the hands of Eisav”

  11. awacs Says:

    Two comments: 1) RMB’s gain is CH’s loss. :-)
    2) Unfortunately, CH seems to get the kind of representatives we deserve. :-(

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