Associations: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Mosser and Ganev Pual Huebner and son in-law Efraim Setton ripping off signs attached to Shomrim command post Endorsing Rabbi Bogomilsky in the dark of night.




Thank you Y.G. for sending this to WIS and the rest of Crown Heights


11 Responses to “Associations: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why would these two low lifers do such a thing?

    Answer: Setton owes Rabbi Yitzchok Tenenbaum of the matzoh bakery $25,000-00, for matzoh he stole from the bakery in 2009.
    Two weeks ago, there was a Din Torah about this, at the Beis Din of Harav Yisroel Belsky. Rabbi Bogomilsy was the TO’EIN for Rabbi Tenenbaum.

    These two thieves lied through their teeth and the skillful Rabbi Bogomilsky proved them to be liars.So as usual, the defendants hate the one who proved them to be liars. (Incidentally, he also stole from Judaica (Rabbi Rimler) on Kingston Ave, and the …Huebner paid back some of the $$$$).

  2. tru jew Says:

    huebner is afraid of a unified BETH DIN because he will be brought to justice for the vicious MESIROS he has brought about Crown Heights.


    rabbi abraham garelitzky of oholy torah answer about who is broin .
    he said that you can Repete in his name he know broin and he is a mushchas = corrupted individual.
    look how huebner is afraid of rabbi bogo and you know who to vote for.
    look who osama bin hendel afraid of and vote for bogo

  4. john doe Says:

    I say press charges againts huebner, satan, and satans brother immediately for defacing private property, people have been prosecuted for removing candidates signs ie. presidential candidates etc. from peoples private property before, it’s illegal and wrong, prosecuting a mosser to the full extent of the law is a mitzvah.

  5. Concerned Says:

    What will happen if Rabbi Bogomilsky g-d forbid does not win?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      First of all, think good it will be good.

      Rabbi Bogomilsky does not win and does nor loss.

      Rabbi Bogomilsky is already an established Rov and he will continue always being that Rov.
      To those who have been using/respecting him as a Rov, nothing changes for them.

      The only loss is to the community.
      If the community does not chose Rabbi Bogomilsky the community will suffer worse then it did the last 10-15 years.
      The Ba’al Machlokes and Mossrim will tear the place apart, the Mosrim will burn Crown Heights down till nothing is left.

      It will go back to the attitude as one wrote in an op-ed regarding the recent elections… “my house is in Crown Heights, my shul is in Crown heights, but I am not part of Crown Heights.”

      If the candidate of the Mosrim “wins”, we are in great trouble.
      Nothing that has been written on this web site of the others against the Mosrim candidate will change.
      The Mosrim picked him for a reason. All those who vote for him will be voting for thew same reasons (which won’t make them right).

      We will have another controlled Rov and much more justified Mesira.
      WIS will be here to tell you “I told you so”.

      Think good it will be good.

  6. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Associations Matter:

  7. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Associations Matter:

  8. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Associations Matter:

  9. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Associations Matter:

  10. Crown Heights Loses – Mosrim Win « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] it’s confirmed what WIS and the other “amateur blogger” have been saying all along about Bruans associations with the Mosrim gang. For some odd reason every time a comment was […]

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