Rabbi Bogomilsky: A Future For Crown Heights


Submitted by a Reader

The Talmud [Shabbos 31A]. A gentile approached Shammai and said to him: “Convert me but teach me the entire Torah as I stand on one foot.” Shammai, feeling that he wasn’t serious, chased him away. This gentile then approached Hillel with the same offer/request but was met with a very different reaction–Hillel agreed. The entire Torah on one foot that Hillel taught him was “that which you hate, don’t do to others”–a paraphrase of the command “V’ahavta l’rayacha Kamocha” [to love your neighbor as yourself]. “That is the entire Torah,” Hillel told him, “the rest is simply an explanation. Go and learn it!”

This Sunday we will be voting in an election that will take this community either up or further down. The results of these elections are the difference between light and darkness, good and evil (yes, Mesira is evil).

Will there be peace once and for all or will we have the same Machlokes, Mesira and regime of people who have pounded us with Machlokes after Machlokes.

[I must make a note: In the propaganda and hate we all saw over Shabbos, the hate mongers attempt to blame Rabbi Bogomilsky, Hershkop/Shomrim, Fisher etc… for “destroying this community”. For the past 10 years plus none of the above have gotten involved in any politics, whether it be regarding the Rabonim or Vaad.

The people who bring you these horror stories (propaganda and hate) have been running the show for the last 10 years all by themselves. Nobody got in their way; nobody wrote any letters against them (not thats its a crime to do so), we all just stood and watched them destroy themselves.

The sole people responsible for the destruction of Crown Heights and its Beis Din are those backing Rabbi Braun and trying to blame everybody for all the problems they caused. Sorry buddies the ball has been in your court for a long time and the results are what they are only because of you.

Anything that they bring up against anybody else pales in comparison to the damage and destruction they managed cause these past 10 years].

This Sunday you get to choose the future of Crown Heights for yourself, for your children and your neighbors. This is NOT about party lines.

I ask you all to have the following in mind:

If you were in need of a representative for a Din Torah, who would you choose as your representative, Rabbi Bogomilsky an experienced Rov for 40 years or would you take the new guy, you know nothing about?

[Just as you would search for a lawyer to represent you in a case. Who would you take the new guy or the guy who have been there and done that?]

The same principle would apply to picking a Rov for life.

Imagine a Beis Din being a Beis Din,

Imagine a Rov Being a Rov. Imagine your children can finally point and say “hay Tatty, there’s our Rov”.

Imagine a Din Torah being a Din Torah; A Psak Din being a Psak Din.

With Rabbi Bogomilsky we will have all the above.

With Rabbi Bogomilsky, we can finally have an end to the 770 court case.

With Rabbi Bogomilsky, we can finally put an end to Mesira.

With Rabbi Bogomilsky, we can finally have a Rov who does not take any slack from anybody.

A Rov who does not have to rely on any one body or group for his bread.

A Rov who has people listening to him and not the Rov listening to people.



6 Responses to “Rabbi Bogomilsky: A Future For Crown Heights”

  1. To benny Says:

    Braun shows a smicha from Harav Tzinner only for YORA YORA
    1. Why is the Smicha not dated?
    2. Where is / does he have Smicha Yadin Yadin?

  2. Crown Heights * Home * About jump to navigation BIG CRIME TO HAVE ROV Says:







  3. antimesira Says:

    Also have in mind that both Rabbi Schwei and Rabbi Osdoba are going to vote for Rabbi Bogomilsky.

  4. also remember Says:

    also have in mind why the people who brought Rabbi Braun here want him here.
    Do they want him for peace or for more machlokes, more mesira, more court?

    remember who are the people who support Braun and remember thats who you are voting for.

  5. Go shomrim Says:

    I’m a meshichest and I think Shomrim is doing a good job

    Just saying to let you know that meshichest is not your enemy

  6. To the residents of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, Hashem bless you all: Says:

    B”H. Erev Shabbos Selichos, 5770

    To the residents of the Crown Heights Jewish Community,
    Hashem bless you all:

    This Sunday, the first day of Selichos, we in Crown Heights are going to vote for an everlasting peace in our community, by electing a new Rav to the Beis Din of Crown Heights.

    We urge you strongly to vote for Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky Shlita, as the new Rav in the Beis Din.
    The Crown Heights community has worked tirelessly over the last year to restore an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to our neighborhood, we went through a long costly Din Torah, and we accepted the Psak in order to move forward into a new era of peace.

    Over 2000 strong came to vote in an election that gave us a new Vaad Hakohol, and thank G-d, since the new Vaad was elected we have seen some normalcy and quiet restored to our midst.
    Now we are at the last and final stage in the process of healing and unification, and we need Rabbi Bogomilsky in the Beis Din to help finish the job for all of us.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky is a native of Crown Heights; he has lived here his entire adult life as a very popular Rav and Askan.

    In his youth as a Talmid of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, young Rabbi Bogomilsky was honored with the top achievement award in Limudei Kodesh together with the late Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm Z”L, one of the founders of Artscroll.

    In 1960 Rabbi Bogomilsky received Smicha (Yore Yore and Yadin Yadin) from the illustrious Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Yisroel Yitzchock Piekarski, Z”L, in which Rav Piekarski wrote in his own handwriting how impressed he was with Rabbi Bogomilsky’s learning and knowledge of Halacha, a highly unusual Smicha which is not your standard version of Smicha in the world of Rabbonus.

    For 35 years Rabbi Bogomilsky has served as Mesivta Rebbi, Principal and administrator, in the Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Bedford Ave. and then on Ocean Parkway. Almost everybody in Crown Heights or one of his relatives has been a student of Rabbi Bogomilsky in one capacity or another. It is no secret how kind and sensitive Rabbi Bogomilsky was to all those who needed a tuition break, when he was administrator of the Yeshiva.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky has been part of Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch for over 40 years from the days of HaRav Zalman Shimon Dvorkin Z”L, till the present. Rabbi Bogomilsky sat on Rav Dvorkin’s Beis Din of Geirus and on heavy Rabbinic Din Torah’s, and he was constantly admired by senior Rabbonim as one of the then younger Rabbonim in Crown Heights.

    On Chof Beis Shvat 5748, after the passing of the Rebbetzin, The Rebbe directed all his Halachic Shaalos in issues of Aveilus to Rabbi Bogomilsky.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky has served as a de-facto Rav in Crown Heights, answering Shaalos and mediating Din-Torah’s for several decades, ask Chanina Sperlin to whom does his family turn to when the Sperlin-family-real-estate-company is threatened with a Din Torah, or ask Vaad Hakohol member Fishel Brownstein to whom did he run when he needed help with a Din Torah. Without holding any official position in the Beis Din, Rabbi Bogomilsky always answers the phone, relates to the people, and resolves their issues with comfort and ease, without ever being compensated by the community for his time and efforts.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky has served as a Rav on many major Din Torah’s outside of our community; he is a very sought after Rav and advisor to many in our community and worldwide to all the Shluchim. Rabbi Bogomilsky is one of the world experts when it comes to modern day Shaalos, like those relating to advances in curing infertility and in-vitro fertilization, or in matters of life support issues, and Halachic questions in conducting business on the internet.

    In addition to being a Rav par excellence, Rabbi Bogomilsky serves as a lecturer at the Machon Hashlichus institute. For 25 weeks in the year, Rabbi Bogomilsky lectures and trains Kolel Yungelait and future Shluchim in practical Rabbinics, preparing the next generation of Rabbonim. The recordings of these lectures are heard by Shluchim all over the world guiding them in their Rabbonus.

    There isn’t a project of Chesed in Crown Heights that Rabbi Bogomilsky is not affiliated with. There isn’t a Mosad in Crown Heights that hasn’t benefited from Rabbi Bogomilsky’s wisdom and help.

    Starting with his leadership in the largest Gmach that he heads in Crown Heights, and as a founding and active member of Chevra Simchas Shabbos v’Yom Tov, there isn’t a person who when in need wasn’t helped by Rabbi Bogomilsky. Oholei Torah, Bais Rivkah, United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Bnos Menachem and Tzivos Hashem, the list goes on and on. Ask businessmen like Zev Cadaner, who he turns to when he needs help, you will always find Rabbi Bogomilsky at the top of the list.

    During the court case with the Seforim (Didan Notzach – Hey Teiveis), The Rebbe thanked Rabbi Bogomilsky for his leading role in securing the return of some of the Seforim.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky has been serving as a Rav and consultant to Rabbi Schwei for many years. Many difficult issues have been resolved by Rabbi Schwei thanks to the assistance of Rabbi Bogomilsky. Both, the known like their working together every Erev Pesach with the Mechiras Chometz, to the multitudes of difficult private issues that belong to the domain of the Rabbinate in confidence. The same relationship exists between Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Bogomilsky for many years on many issues relating to the Rabbinate.

    By agreeing to be a candidate for the Rabbinate of Crown Heights, Rabbi Bogomilsky has risen to the top, demonstrating that he is completely above politics and Machlokes, he is the only Rav who is known to, and recommended by, both Rabbonim who are current members of the Beis Din, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Aharon Yaacov Schwei.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky is a much sought after counselor to the youth in our neighborhood, his phone rings constantly off the hook with Shaalos in Halacha and requests for guidance in personal and business issues. When it comes to Sholom Bayis, problems with Parnassa, one of the first addresses that anyone knows he can turn to for help, is Rabbi Bogomilsky. Nobody is ever turned away, and that’s without having Rabbi Bogomilsky serve in any official capacity in the organized Crown Heights.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky is a Rav who is respected by Shluchim all over the world. Rabbi Bogomilsky is respected by Rabbonim from all circles all over the world. Rabbi Bogomilsky brings the zenith of Rabbonus to our community.

    In order to enjoy a gut vort at the Shabbos table or at the Seder on Pesach, we (and Rabbonim and Shluchim worldwide) all turn to one of Rabbi Bogomilsky’s 14 Seforim of the very popular V’Dibarta Bam series (also translated into Hebrew, French and Spanish), making him a teacher of many thousands the world over.

    It is clear that a person like Rabbi Bogomilsky will be able to help raise the Beis Din to new Heights, working together with our two current Rabbonim. He will also unite the many factions within our community and with Lubavitch worldwide, because Rabbi Bogomilsky can. He stands for no nonsense and is beholden to no one, not for sustenance or for stature.

    Rabbi Bogomilsky knows the community, he is part of the community, and he has proven himself as a devoted Rav, teacher, and leader in our community. Now it’s time for us to take advantage of his ability to solidify the peace in Crown Heights forever.

    If we want a Beis Din of 3, and not a Beis Din of 2-1, Vote for Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky Shlita as Rav in the Crown Heights Beis Din this Sunday, 26th of Elul, 5770, September 5, 2010, in the basement of the Rebbe’s Shul – 770.

    Wishing you a Ksiva V’Chasima Tova, a year of peace,
    Crown Heightsers for unity and peace

    Please see attached endorsements for Rabbi Bogomilsky
    by some of the most respected Rabbonim in the world

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