On May 6, 1997, the plaintiffs, a not-for-profit Corporation and Yaakov Spritzer, filed a complaint against seven named defendants consisting of 167 paragraphs extending over 50 pages and asserting eleven claims as follows:

Yaakov Spritzer – First Amended Verified Complaint a.k.a. Mesira

Yaakov Herzog Mesira

Yisroel Sandhaus Mesira

Joseph Spielman Mesira

This went on for several years until the judge dismissed the suit and had this to say in the verdict:

“To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable”.

(Judge Glasser- Final Ruling Against Yankel Spritzer)

Paul Huebners And The shmira Failed Messira/Blood Libel.

The Shomrim Lawsuit- Verified Complaint- by Paul Huebner Hundred forty four million dollars (?)


2 Responses to “Associations”


    For starters he was not even elected to be a shamesh in 770.

    He was the one and only who dismantle the Jewish patrol and caused the riots of 1991 and the murder of Rosenbaum hy”d.

    Did he do anything good for Crown Heights?. NO!

    And he was not even elected to be a shamesh in 770.

    Spielman, I think you should run for the state Mishuginer.

  2. a resident Says:

    Its all the LOOSERS who are coming out with letters.. dont they realize that they did not get voted in because their opinions and help are NOT wanted. When will they give up? do they really think that the 300 that voted for each of them are different people and that if they each come out with a letter that will help them in some way?

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