Is There A Lie Being Spread On Bruans Behalf?


If True, Its Just As Bad.

Wednesday evening  Bruan approaches  Eli Cohen executive of the CHJCC to inquire as to whom will be paying his salary and how much will it be. Cohen advises him that the CHJCC does not have the funds to support his salary.

The realty is the  CHJCC has no money to pay his salary, so how is he going to get paid he has 11 children to support, a Rov has to eat and pay rent as well.  And if it’s personal people who will pay him, does that not taint him and disqualify him?

Lets look at the facts: For one thing he came to Crown Heights in a rush. The decision to be a candidate was made in the course of three days. The questions still remain….

Who Spoke to him; who convinced him to come?
Was it not the Schwie camp which is ran by Mendle Hendel?

What did they tell him or promise him that enticed him to quit his current position and move his whole family across the world?

Who payed for his flight? How will he pay to get his family here?

In the week plus that he has been in Crown Heights has he not had any meetings with the people who brought him here?

What did they discuss at these meetings? Was the issue of whose paying him and how much brought up at all?

How is it that the people who clearly brought him here; rushed him here (from the other side of the world) don’t have a plan what to do with him?

Why did he all of a sudden remember about his salary now (three days before the election)?

If the Mosrim have to lie on his behalf, this in itself proves how hes already their puppet.

The Realty: The community has no money to pay him, so what now, whose going to pay him?

Three days before the elections and coming all the way from Sydney, Australia (the other side of the world a.k.a. down under), all of a sudden our candidate (who is a “successful Rabbi” in Sydney and a father to eleven children with more on the way) who decided to run within three days after the deadline remembers to ask, “hay, whose going to pay my salary?”


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