40 – 40 = Zero: 40 Zeros Endorse Bruan. UPDATE: Some Say they Were Duped



Friday Sep 3rd, 2010: COLLIVE Reports:

In related news, a group of yungeleit sent COLlive Thursday night a signed letter backing off from the “letter of 40 kollel yungeleit” that suposedly endorsed Rabbi Braun.

They said the original letter was “in regard to the nomination process only” and that “we are neither advocating for, nor against Rabbi Braun.” Read their full disclaimer.

Braun has received support from 40 yungeleit who painted him as a man of peace.

Who are these 40 yungerleit who signed the letter but failed to produce a printed name beneath their signed name?
WIS will do all it can to find out who they are and what their role/agenda in all this is.

How did they obtain the information on their letters, did they interview him? How did they – out of all the Crown Heights media get an interview when Bruan insists on not giving any interviews regarding his candidacy? How much do they really know him to give him such an endorsement? Can they (as it seems they know him so well) answer  many of our concerns and questions regarding Braun?


It’s no secret that Crown Heights has been suffering from a Mesira Holocaust for the good part of the last 15+ years. The Mesiras really took a to a new low these past two years. These past two years many Jewish residents were asking themselves, “will I be going to prison soon?, “What will be with my family; my wife and kids; my mother and father”. “How will I come up with the funds to defend myself?” etc…

It is almost the one year anniversary of the Shomrim Six Mesira -trial*. What did any of you do to help those Six Yidden (Jews) standing trial, facing up to 15+ years? Tell us one small  thing you have done to stop that vicious blood libel?
*three years to the false arrest.

Did you write a letter of protest?


Did you make phone calls to those who orchestrated the Mesira?


Did you go sit in court (for a day; an hour or even five minutes) in support of Six of your fellow Jews and neighbors ?


Did you even bother to actually investigate the matter (the accusations etc…), speaking to both sides etc…?


Why not? What stops a newly married man who wakes up and starts his day at 12pm to go “learn in Kollel” to hop on a 15 minute train ride to support Yidden in distress (also known as Pidyon Shvuyim)?

When doing the act of Bittel Torah did you even bother to discuss this massive Mesira/Chillul Hashem/Pekuach Nefesh with your Chavrusa and friends?


You were silence when your voice was must needed .
You were silence when you could have maybe made a real difference.
You were silence in matters of life and death; when blood flowed in our streets.

Please be silence now. You are not needed, we don’t want or care what you have to say. You are all worthless cowards. Your are hypocrites, like the people you support!

Benefit of the doubt: Maybe there is one or two of you which wanted to help, which maybe, just maybe did schmooze about the horrible Mesira taking place and discussing what can be done. But in the end did nothing, Why? Your excuse would be, “we were scared that if we said anything against the Messiras we will would be victim to Harassment, intimidation and possibly Mesira ourselves”,  Or like Rabbi Schwei said “There is nothing I can do, I can’t fight these people”.

If the above is true that indeed you did not have the courage to step up and do the right thing; to step up and face evil in the face, then please shut your mouths now.

It would also come as odd that now you endorse the very same people you are scared of.

SIDE NOTE: WIS would really like to ask Braun how he would have handled the Mesiras that have taken place (what actions as Rov would he take to at least try and stop them). WIS wants to know what Braun will do if he is the new Rov to stop the court actions/Mesira by Paul Huebner and Co. taking place now?

Perhaps the 40 young men who know Braun the best, can give some incite in to how “their Rov” would handle the situation (?)

40 – 40 = ZERO


The organizer of the Yungerlight is Nachman Schapiro son in-law none other then the gangster and Mosser attorney Elie Poltorak.

Turns out the “Yungerlight” that signed are also those who voted for Mossrim.

WIS will do all it can to bring you more info on every single one of these individuals. WIS will make an effort to profile all of them (even when the election is way past us). These are our future problems/trouble rousers and Mossrim, let’s cut them down before they grow to be our next “Elder Chassidim”.

If you have any information on any of the 40 that signed, please send it to whoisshmira@gmail.com.


There are about 240 Youngerlite currently learning in the Kollel. From those 240 only 40 signed for the Mossrim and from those 40 about 20 are not Kollel youngerlite (in fact they have not been in Kollel for years), that leaves us with only 20 Mossrim who have to be thrown out of the Kollel.

They learn in a Kollel with a Rosh HaKollel who also happens to be a very respected Rov in the community, did these “Kollel Youngerlite” ask their Rosh regarding this matter? Did these “Kollel Youngerlite” ask any Rov regarding this matter?


5 Responses to “40 – 40 = Zero: 40 Zeros Endorse Bruan. UPDATE: Some Say they Were Duped”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    “Braun has received support from 40 yungeleit who painted him as a man of peace.”

    If something needs to be painted, it is only because it lacks color. If Braun has to be painted as a “man of peace and achduse” then something is missing.

    Sorry my brothers, you paint with cheap paint, we see whats underneath.

  2. Laaniyas Dayti Says:

    Can someone please explain this statement from the “40 Kolel yuengeleit:”:

    “After Rabbi Mangel withdrew from the race and the Zabl»a
    Beis Din allowed additional candidates to be nominated, an opening presented itself and we decided to seize the initiative and propose a neutral candidate, acceptable to both Rabbonim.”

    When and where was this announcement that other candidates were being sought? The 2 factions were informed, we can readily assume, seeing that each one has 3 delegates on the election committee. So Rabbi Rosenberg also called the Kollel and said “Hey guys, we are open for new candidates. And by the way, don’t worry about the age.”


    So the Kollel yungeleit (who signed a letter but failed to produce a printed name beneath each, or etc) then approached both Rabbonim for endorsement. Why both? Why even approach one? With 40 signatures to a petition Rabbi Rosenberg would have approved it. Furthermore, by approaching both they “bowed” to the fictionalized system they so despise (or supposedly despise.).

    And then Rabbi Osdoba said he cannot because he already endorsed someone. But that wasn’t the requirement (endorsement) it only required a nod that this candidate is suitable.

    So these politically savvy yungeleit accepted Rabbi Osdoba’s “excuse”. After all, he is not known for his duplicity. Question: If he didn’t want to put his name to it, do you think he would have said so? No, yungeleit, he has left the Kollel a long time ago. He has been around.

    Another intersting observation to Rabbi Broin’s candidacy (did you notice how the videos from Sydney people call him Broin? Not Braun. Anyone guess the difference?) mentioned on his web-site:
    “However, as committed as he is here, he felt that he should write into The Rebbe for advice. The advice was to offer himself for nomination.”

    So a vote for Broin is a vote for the Igrois system? Just asking.

    Go vote. And pray.

  3. SHAYA Braun Says:

    i see the yitzchok raskin became a yungerman when was that mazel tov ?

  4. help Says:

    if i can get a printed version of their names i would be glad to dig them up.


    if broin is elected in no more than 5 years there will be another election and maybe its good. because broin will defeat schwei and schwei will have a broken heart so a new election will be soon enough.
    the one to be afraid of broin is schwei . his people found a new horse and the old will be sent to old age home

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