Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction! (2)


Yoel Kraus Chabad.info main man: He was a Mishichist Hero until he “crossed the line”, and my friends, he still is a hero by them. This is Mendle Hendel in a few years.  Mendy Hendel is playing the hat and jacket shtick for now, its only a matter of time till his true colors are revealed.

http://www.chabadinfo.com/index.php?url=article_en&id=14544 <<<Check out Comment 23

http://www.chabad.info/index.php?url=article_he&id=42349 <<<Check out Comment 9

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Exclusive: Video of Meshichistim preparing for the day, which is G-d willing coming very soon, which they will be thrown out of 770 . An inside man  was able to obtain some footage of Meshicihst planing for that day. Coming soon, only on WIS.

15 Responses to “Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction! (2)”

  1. antimesira Says:

    If you follow the chain of mishichisim, then this guy is right.

    He just doing what he was brain washed to do.
    He doing what all the mishichistim are supposed to do.

    Yechi Yoel, keep it up!

    • betrayed Says:

      The mishichist party betrayed this guy. He is just a good old mishichist. Maybe he moved to fast. He got the agenda and just rushed to the bottom of the page and now they pretend they are pissed.

      Mishichistim never take responsibility for anything.

      If a mishichist can say that he is crazy and not “a real mishichist”, then why can’t I say about “real mishichistim” that they are crazy and are not Chabad?

      Oh, i forgot, when it comes to mishichistim there is an excepted double standard.

  2. Me Says:

    Just SCREAM YECHI and pass the prozac, man

  3. Ilana Says:


    That is sort of an inappropriate place to pray and he is inappropriately dressed to come before the King of Kings. However I am not going to stand judgement because there is one true judge and who am I?
    At least he is praying and hopefully Hashem will help him along the way of truth and tzniut. At least he is trying to be a good Jew who prays. On that account he should get full marks for trying.
    Do not put a stumbling block before the blind.
    Do not mock him. Understand that he is a Yid who is trying. How do we know that Hashem doesn’t give his prayers equal weight with our own and should we stand judgement on the depth of his sincerity???

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Your plain and simply a naive idiot, if your were never told this, I’m telling you now.

    • logic Says:

      Ilana, sorry maam but your misguided.

      if he was wearing a cross would you say the same.

      I would actually have no problem with him if he did, in fact better he should.

      Another thing, he not doing you or me a favor by davvening, hes doing more harm then good.

      better he should shave his beard and not put Tiffilen on and pretend as if hes one of us. Maybe then he stands a chance of truly repenting.

    • To Waver Vs. Idolatry Says:

      “And the children struggled together within her… And she went to inquire of the G-d… And the G-d said to her: ‘Two nations are in your womb.’ ” (25:22-23)

      QUESTION: Rashi explains: When Rivkah passed a house of Torah learning, Yaakov struggled to emerge. When she passed a place of idol worship, Eisav struggled to come out. This perplexed her, and she went to inquire about it. A message was conveyed to her through Shem that she was carrying two children.
      Why did this information calm her?

      The Rebbe answers (Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183ff.):

      The prophet Eliyahu held a debate with the false prophets of Ba’al during which he challenged them: “How long will you waver between two opinions”. If Hashem is the G-d, follow Him! And if it is the Ba’al, follow him” (1 Kings, 18:21). One may wonder how Eliyahu was able to utter such an option.

      The Rebbe explains the difference between outright idolatry and idolatry which is fence-sitting. Outright idolatry means a person really believes he benefits from his idol. A fence-sitter is in doubt – either he’s unsure as to what to believe in, or he believes in Hashem plus something else.

      The Rebbe continues and says, that wavering between two opinions is in many ways WORSE than outright idolatry. GENERALLY, outright idolatry is worse of course. But in terms of TESHUVA, the fence-sitter is worse because it’s harder for him to do Teshuva fully.


      1) Because someone who once believed in idolatry, who realizes he was wrong, can fully do Teshuva. The one who wavers and believes in Hashem plus something else or doubts, doesn’t do a full Teshuva because he claims he always believed in G-d.
      I.e. He is uncertain whether he sinned in the first place.

      2) The one who fully believes in idolatry can be a spiritual individual, just a misguided spiritual individual.

      But the one who wavers shows that not only is he not interested in the true G-d, but he is spiritually insensitive. Although he knows Hashem is G-d, he is still willing to give idols some credit, thinking he’ll benefit in some way. Even when he realizes the truth, he does Teshuva only because of personal gain.

      In other words: He is willing to compromise some of his religious beliefs for the sake of convenience or social pressure (his spirituality is corrupted by materialism).

      3) The one who wavers leads others astray because it is not clear that he is a heretic (for he knows how to quote a Pussuk in Chumish, a word from a Mammer or Sicho etc.. he speaks the language). The idol-worshiper, however, is an outright heretic and is thus an outcast that does not effect the Community. I.e. nobody gets confused by him.

      At the outset, Rivkah thought she was carrying one child who was confused, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and thus, G-d forbid, capable of running in a different direction each day. Informed that she would give birth to two children, she was relieved, because she could now hope to convince the other child to emulate his righteous brother.
      # Rambam Says:
      June 27, 2010 at 1:47 am | Reply

      Halacha 1

      1. It is natural for a man’s character and actions to be influenced by his friends and associates and for him to follow the local norms of behavior. Therefore, he should associate with the righteous and be constantly in the company of the wise, so as to learn from their deeds. Conversely, he should keep away from the wicked who walk in darkness, so as not to learn from their deeds.

      This is [implied by] Solomon’s statement [Proverbs 13:20]: “He who walks with the wise will become wise, while one who associates with fools will suffer.” Similarly, [Psalms 1:1] states: “Happy is the man who has not followed the advice of the wicked.”

      A person who lives in a place where the norms of behavior are evil and the inhabitants do not follow the straight path should move to a place where the people are righteous and follow the ways of the good.

      If all the places with which he is familiar and of which he hears reports follow improper paths, as in our times, or if he is unable to move to a place where the patterns of behavior are proper, because of [the presence of] bands of raiding troops, or for health reasons, he should remain alone in seclusion as [Eichah 3:28] states: “Let him sit alone and be silent.”

      If they are wicked and sinful and do not allow him to reside there unless he mingle with them and follow their evil behavior, he should go out to caves, thickets, and deserts [rather than] follow the paths of sinners as [Jeremiah 9:1] states: “Who will give me a lodging place for wayfarers, in the desert.”

  4. Ilana Says:


    Then you and I will disagree strongly if you would rather a Yiddish person wear a cross or believe in idols than follow some form of Jewish worship. I think more damage is done by Jews who are confused and do not know, so it is better if they are non religious or agnostic at least, than whore after other religions and their idols. Being a Christian is a Chillul Hashem for a Jew in more ways than one.
    It is better that everyone believe in G-d and live in peace with each other. But if that is not possible than it is better to separate from those who do evil or live in ways which are foreign to Torah.
    I think it is wrong for us to stand judgement on this guy though. The Rebbe teaches that we should value each and every Jewish neshama and if this yiddishe Neshama is tangled up in wire and lost we need to find a way to help him back rather than outright condemn him. Why? It is easier to write people off than to work with them to help them back on the right derech, isn’t it? Shabbat shalom!

    • antimesira Says:

      Perhaps you should fly down there and try to find this guys Neshoma and help him.
      Perhaps this would do your Neshoma good. I’m sure it will open your eyes to the truth of what is going on here.

      I have a feeling upon your return you will speak much differently, even we would have to calm you down.

      Moshe Rabinu did not negotiate with those who sinned by the golden calf.
      Moshe Rabinu did not negotiate with Korach and his men, in fact he prayed to Hashem that they perish.

      Time and time again we find in the Torah how no negotiations took place between those who cause a Chillul Hashem.

      Understand, the very fact that he is praying at a beach half naked between naked people id the Chillul Hashem in itself. Better he should not pray at all, better he should not look like a Jew.

      • Yel kraus Says:

        Dear great man …i wish you only one time i your life to pray wifh all your soul qith all your heart and not sitting far a way and making a all storey about a hole jew that is bringing light t evry place he is going with love to evry one

        Yoel kraus

  5. fences Says:

    That is why the Torah provides ‘fences’ for us in halacha, we need to guard ourselves from falling off the deep end. Very interesting to me how the Meshichists ‘leadership’ (mashpiam etc.) are completely silent about these crazies. It reminds me of the saying, ‘Success has many fathers while failure is an orphan”. I think the ‘mashpiam’ are embarrassed and know that they are largely responsible for their creations.

  6. Shabbetai Tzviniks Says:

    This unfortunately is history repeating itself. I’m referring to the Shabbetai Tzviniks, except that they are doing it in the name of a tzaddik.
    Is he elevating the holy sparks on the beach? He is bipolar like shabbetai zvi was, except that now there’s medication. Show me a rabid meshichist & I’ll show you mental illness. These so called mashpim need to send these guys for help.

  7. Itzhak Says:

    BSD This nonsense may be what moves this way out to the fringe. This meshuggener is from Mea Shearim originally; his cousin is the infamous Yoilish Kraus who leads the rioting.

  8. chilul Hashem Says:

    Torah also teaches that some people make such a huge chilul Hashem that we need to cut them off.

  9. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    check out head meshiachist yoel kraus new vidoe in ibiza:

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