Tzfati Bocher Injured, Where is Paul (Levi) Huebner YM”S?



The Moser and Nazi Paul Huebner is the orchestrator of a vicious blood libel/Mesira against 6 Jews in the Crown Heights community.

On December 29-30, 2007 Paul Huebner together with his fellow mobster Elie Poltorak went down to Kings County Hospital to “help” the so called victims of an attack we will later learn never happened.


[June 20, 2010] ‘Tzfati’ Bochur Seriously Injured and rushed to Kings County Hospital, were he had to have major surgery to his leg.

The ‘Tzfati’ spent almost a full week at the hospital recuperating. Many friends and relatives came to visit, besides one noticeable figure, by the names of Paul (Levi) Huebner. Where was “the protector”  of the Bochrim this past week?

Did Huebner visit this young man? NO!
Did Huebner send some food? NO!
Did Huebner/Poltrorak offer to translate for this young man? NO!
Did Pual the Nazi Huebner together with his “caring” friend gangster Poltorak do anything to help this young man?  The answer again, NO!!


As someone wrote in an e-mail conversation about the Moser Paul Huebner…

You live in the same community as Huebner.  I don’t.  You should pressure the Rabbaim to place Huebner in Cherem for what he has done.  This would include a prohibition from him getting an aliyah, from his wife using the mikva, and from his children attending school.  There are very few things worse than Mesira.  If the Rabbaim refuse to do so, you perhaps should reconsider the community in which you live.

It’s time this community starts giving Mosrim Like Huebner, Polorak, Stern, Prager, Skoblo, Spritzer, Mendle Hendel and Co.  a reason to consider leaving. Hopefully when Crown Heights has a strong complete Beth Din, we can start finally dealing with these Mosrim.  But that again will be up to the community, come election day, hopefully the community will finish what it started.


5 Responses to “Tzfati Bocher Injured, Where is Paul (Levi) Huebner YM”S?”

  1. Another big time Moser and loser Says:

    Zalman Lipsker was praising his friend the moser Paul Huebner in the last meeting with Rabbi Rosenberg.
    Lipsker thanked Huebner for the job he did with the Shomrim Six.

    Shame on Zalman Lipsker.

    Tick Tack, tick tack only a few days left.

  2. antimesira Says:

    Huebner only helps “victims” from 749, not from 1414, this bocher is from 1414.
    Also this incident will not get Huebner $144 million, so why get involved?

    Zalman Lipsker should be the one to ask Huebner how come he did visit or help the Injured Tzfati Bocher is any way.

  3. awacs Says:

    “On December 29-30, 2010”

    Has WIS taken to predicting the future? If so, perhaps some winning lottery ticket numbers and stock market picks would draw LOTS of advertisers …

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Would it not have been easier to simply state that WIS made a mistake and should correct it?
      WIS is glad that you noticed and pointed this mistake out, but its not our fault, its only because Hacked WIS a Chanik ;)


  4. awacs Says:

    “Would it not have been easier to simply state that WIS made a mistake and should correct it?”

    Yes, it would have been easier – but not as much fun. :-)

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