Sore Losers Go Out!!!


“They may succeed in TAKING our hearts and minds by FORCE, but never will they willingly WIN over our hearts and minds!”

[CH.INFO] In the first post election meeting members of each side sat down with Rabbi Avrohom Rosenberg in the offices of the Vaad Hakohol to discuss the elections and its outcome. Members of the ‘Achdus Team’, who were the ones to call for the meeting, gave various suggestions from remaining in office throughout the summer, to calling for new elections, and even refusing to work with individual Vaad members.

The ‘Achdus Team’ was ousted in last weeks elections by a resounding vote from a record turnout, but has since remained in office and showed no signs of willing to move out and move on.

Before the meeting began a number of residents and activists turned up for the meeting, but the Poltorak group refused to come in to the meeting if it was open to the public, and even attempted to cancel it just hours before. Rabbi Rosenberg would not hear of it and ordered that the meeting go on as scheduled.

After arguing back and forth both sides agreed to close the meeting and have only a number of representatives from each side attend along with the candidates.

Rabbi Abba Paltiel, a Mashpia sided with the Poltorak group, was the first to speak and raised a number of issues, first calling the Zabl”o Beis Din’s jurisdiction into question on the matter of them being allowed to call for elections. He also called the Beis Din’s authority to override the bylaws into question, and accused them of bowing to pressure from Rabbi Osdoba who he claimed threatened to boycott the elections if he did not get his way. He concluded with taking issue with Zaki Tamir’s statement regarding woman being allowed to vote. Paltiel concluded with saying that the entire elections need to be voided and the Poltorak Vaad should remain.

Rabbi Rosenberg responded and refuted each one of his claims, saying that the Beis Din did in fact have the necessary jurisdiction to call for the elections, and that according to the psak they identified issues with the bylaws that need to be addressed, and that there was never any such pressure from Rabbi Osdoba.

Each side then suggested ideas what to do for the interim until the newly elected Vaad can be established by a runoff elections. One of the fantastic suggestions came from Elie Poltorak who said that his Vaad should remain until after the summer, when the runoff will take place. And he added that they would be willing to include Tamir in their Vaad.

Tamir said that it did not make sense to work with a Vaad that has an open challenge to working with him, and it would render him useless and unproductive.

Another idea was raised recommending that Tamir along with all three runner-up’s, Yossi Hackner, Fishel Brownstein and Shea Hecht, all take office immediately and once there is runoffs the looser will just drop out of office.

Speaking for Brownstein, Poltorak said that he will not sit in any interim vaad alongside Shea Hecht, nor will he take part in any runoff alongside him. Brownstein then stood up and walked out. Mendy Hendel followed Brownstein, and returned a short while later with him and informed Rabbi Rosenberg that he actually didn’t make up his mind yet. He was given till 6:00pm today to make up his mind.

The issue of the recount was raised again with the Osdoba side demanding a recount of the ballots, stating that there is no harm in recounting, and if not for the late hour Monday morning when the first tally was completed they would have recounted on the spot. Poltorak argued that the bylaws are not clear who can demand a recount, and objected.

Poltorak raised another claim stating that the elections were unfair to him and his running mates and they were at a disadvantage because the Beis Din did not vindicate them, and allowed for a campaign calling him and Chanina Sperlin Mossrim. Rabbi Rosenberg responded in saying that the matter was not part of the Din Torah, and it was not their job to vindicated him or not, and that alone would take weeks and months to determine if they are Mosrim or not.

One of those who was present at the meeting told “it is obvious what Poltorak’s tactics are, they want to stall and try to remain in office as long as possible.” Adding that he hopes Rabbi Rosenberg sees through it and will finally seal this chapter for good.

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It seems the gangster and Mosser Poltorak is afraid to get back in to the real world, one where he must get up before 12pm to begin his day. Somebody please offer this guy a job and let him get on with his life and out of ours.

Maybe he can help his Mosser friend Paul  Huebner with the  Hundred forty four million dollars lawsuit against the Shomrim Six. Or maybe Poltrorak can do the clown thing at birthday parties. Whatever it is just get this loser out of here!


3 Responses to “Sore Losers Go Out!!!”

  1. What about the Children? Says:

    Chanina holds children HOSTAGE

    This summer many children will NOT be going to camp, the funder of the yearly $200,000.00 was called by Chanina late last night and asked NOT to give the money unless he gets put back into counsel..

    Stay tuned we will get more info on this too

    Oh Chabadinfo, we didnt forget about you…

    Funny, somebody told me before the elections when Chanina and Poltroak were making a big deal about the scholarships that no matter whos in the Vaad, those scholarships are given out.

    Now we see that it has nothing to do with the children and all to do about WHO gives it out.

    Shame on the mosrim!!!! these last few days the dark secrets of who you evil bastards are is being revealed, what will you pull tomorrow.

  2. Chaim Hershkop Shomrim Six Says:

    “Poltorak raised another claim stating that the elections were unfair to him and his running mates and they were at a disadvantage because the Beis Din did not vindicate them, and allowed for a campaign calling him and Chanina Sperlin Mossrim.”

    This I find pretty hypocritical.

    I was accused of over 17 counts. Together with my fellow Shomrim Six we had over 100 counts.

    We spent over two years in court, ending with a 6 long weeks of trial, we were found NOT GUILTY!!!

    Why the double stranded?

  3. Standing Ovation Says:

    I truly commend you, beautifully and truthfully written. May you continue to succeed in letting the whole truth and nothing but the truth out in writing, Heshkuach!

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