The Real Elei Poltorak + New Video


Poor Poor Baby

The Victim
In a classical liberal move (right out of the play book), Elei Poltorak plays the victim in all this.

[1:54-1:59] “It’s been very difficult, difficult for me, to my family, a lot of time, a lot of commitment”.

Oh, you poor thing. You know what? Do us all a favor and stop giving us your time and commitment, the only thing coming from your “commitments” are lawsuits and Mesira.

Mr. Poltorak never even won a parking ticket case, yet hes here trying to take over the neighborhood.

Poltoraks True Colors Of Peace

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

Elei Poltorak Endorses WhoIsShmira


2 Responses to “The Real Elei Poltorak + New Video”

  1. Crown Heights Says:

    he is a goy why are you talking so much about him ?

  2. Jihadinfo "victim" Says: system were down. This is another opportunity to play the victim. Taking one right out of the Liberal rule book…
    “Never let a good crises go to waste”, they find a way to blame the “others” for hacking there site, because get this “they are doing so well”.

    “To some, our intimidation is too much for them to handle and they fear that the freedom of speech and sharing of dissenting points of view is a danger to their belief and thought systems.

    Chabad Info has no regrets for its style and its goal.

    That is, to include those who are excluded elsewhere; to bring Moshiach matters back to the center stage as the Rebbe desires; to stop crass talk and gossip which infests other site’s articles and comments; and to remain faithful to the laws of modesty with regard to pictures and video.”

    I would really like to know how they were hacked and how they are safer now then they were this morning.

    How do they know who did it and why?

    For one, they were not hacked and simply had a problem with their system (this happens to a lot of sites, even and collive and much bigger and better sites) and are just trying to us this as an opportunity to blame someone.

    I was going to make this an official post (to make fun of them), but its so stupid a mare comment will do.

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