Something Smells Here


Some are thinking it, Some have hinted to it, others have whispered it and WIS is going to say it loud and clear…


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Chanina Sperlin Is a Moser!

Elei C. Poltorak Is a Moser!

Fishel Brownstein Is a Moser!

Zev Cadaner Is a Moser!

Chanina Sperlin being the orchestrator of a Mesira that took place in 2001. As a result of Chanina Sperlin actions 4 members of our community were falsely arrested and had to spend over a year in court (the case was later dropped).

Elei C. Poltrorak participated in the Shomrim Six Mesira. Poltrorak together with Paul Huebner orchestrated an arrest of six innocent Jews from our community. Charged with over 100 counts (between the six of them), Two years court, ending with a six week trial, facing up to 15 years jail.

All four Sperlin, Poltorak, Brownstein and Cadaner have NOT withdrawn their Mesira from court.

Yet, they are still candidates in the upcoming elections. One is only let to conclude that perhaps the Mosrim have gotten to Rabbis with either treats of Mesira (and therefore the Rabbis are simply scared), or G-d Forbid the Rabbi’s have received  bribes.

Look how easy it was for the Rabbis to initially disqualify some very good clean candidates for really irrelevant matters. Yet, at the same time, qualifying Mosrim and totally dismissing any claims of Mesira, although the evidence clearly shows that they are Mosrim. The public did not receive any explanations on the matter of Mesira, as if it doesn’t even exists.

WIS hopes and prays he’s wrong!!!

Mesira still in Court - Click image to enlarge or follow link above

The Din Torah was meant to clean OUT the dirt, not Sweep it under the rug!!

You may have just read the headlines or skimmed through the pages, that is not good enough. If you want to understand the full effect of the Mesira the above Mosrim started, you will have to take a few minutes to actually read what it says and please do. You will find that this Mesira would effect you as well (some in the short run and some in the log run) . Just for the fact that it was written up has caused many who were involved in helping others (with loaning money etc…), to back down/hold back from doing Chesed. G-d have Mercy!

Subpoena-Gemach -Rabbi Bogomilsky

Subpoena against Rabboni Haschuna

Verified Complaint/Mesira against the Rabbonim


One Response to “Something Smells Here”

  1. Playing Games Says:

    Katzman: “The heat of their vicious Mesira caught up with them so 2 days before election they went ahead and took it out of court after playing games for two months.”

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