In The News: Cleaing Out The Dirt


Plain and simple, no more sweeping the dirt under the rug. WIS will find the dirt, expose it and get ride of it once and for all.

Funny how easy the Mosrim, who have everything against them, suddenly agree not to expose dirt. WIS wonders, WIS wonders why? Might be the fact that all the dirt is on them.

Well, thats just do bad. WIS was not invited to that meeting and is going to be doing what WIS was doing until now with even more vigor. The Mosrim must go!!!

Leibish Nash has sent out a letter outlining why you should NOT vote for Chanina Sperlin and his gang of Mosrim (shown above).

Thank you Leibish for helping expose the trash.


One Response to “In The News: Cleaing Out The Dirt”

  1. News Says:

    Poltodrek is running running running to the toilet.
    poltrack is just a fart and belongs in the toilet.
    so why do we need 4 assholes to do handel mendels work ?
    chlila the mamzer is to talk on the cell . poltodrek to dress like Halloween . fishel brownshtein to look pretty.
    and cacdaner to steal the money and run to mika soffer to make up and get a story in the choliros on the line .
    but really its all one extention of hendel mendel the cholira.
    hendel mendel should be run out of town fast.
    all evil is from the hendel mendel and his hooligans the mossrim.
    and yes Poltodrek you can copy and paste it in an email to all the rabbi’s in the world to tell them that a mosser will go down in the worst way.
    you and huebner ym”s both are going down . and the federal law enforcement are not far on your track and yes Joel Schwartz will not help you. maybe you can get some extacy but you have no brains anyway. and yes the feds do have the copy of all poltracks the ganiff .
    and yes poltodrek you are GOING DOWN BIG TIME

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