Shmira Mesira Profile: Yaakov Kopfer


They say if you want to know who a person is just look at his friends.

Yaakov Kupfer, hangs out with the shmira mesira. What does that say about him.

Yaakov Kupfer and all the other Minoans are guilty of association.

Stay tuned for more…


4 Responses to “Shmira Mesira Profile: Yaakov Kopfer”

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  2. X shmira Says:

    you might be on to something.
    I always suspected him of
    being behind the sites
    and mesira.
    I left the shmira because of
    this type of garbage.
    There is too much hate.

  3. shmira fan Says:

    jak looking hot we love you

  4. Jake Says:

    if you hang around shit your bound to smell like shit.

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