Video Two: Mendy Hendel Doing What He Does Best


Video One: The Great Terror Attack By Hendel The Leader Of the Mesianic Cult

Help identify who this other nut is. He grabed the Mic and screamed Yechi/Jihad?

7 Responses to “Video Two: Mendy Hendel Doing What He Does Best”

  1. john doe Says:

    This video proves that despite all the messianists fags, sorry i mean flags and the tiring noise of them chanting the yechi slogan over and over and over and over and over and over and and over and over and over…..a..n..d……..o…v…..e…rrrr, the mesianist are done, finished kaput, they’re all scrambling and on the defensive, mainstream chabad is finally waking up and they are sick and tired of the embarrassment these messianist cause, into the pits mosrim losers.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      The very fact the Hendel had to do it himself proves he has no more solders to march.

      The Shomrim Six case was a huge hit for them in any and every way.

  2. WIL Says:

    That nut is Lipsker, Hershal Lipskers kid from Crown Street.

  3. zalman Says:

    Herschel Lipskers kid.

    The kid was arrested once for driving a stolen car drunk.

    Ye, Yechi Hamalech!!!

  4. Moshe Says:

    The organizers of the parade should press charges against this common criminal, this thug, this hooligan, this despicable creature.

    Even if just one school, or even one child, refuses to come to the next parade because of this.

  5. ex-mishichist Says:

    i lost a lot of whatever respect I had for mishichistm because of this, this is terrible.

  6. Anonymous Says:

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