Inspector Peter Simonetti – Shomrim and Isaac Zellermaier Z”L:


The truth hurts and hurts bad, but has to be said. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. This post is meant to offend a lot of people.

Just recently on April 15 there took place a  Memorial Tribute for the great man we know as Isaac Zellermaier OBM. I don’t need to get in to how great of a man Isaac was. For those he  helped in the past,  already know, for those of you who didn’t know Isaac, you could have taken the time to go to the memorial, perhaps you could have learned a thing or two of what it means to go above and beyond to help another (Jew or Gentile).

The issue here is…Peter Simonetti, Where was he that night, many politicians came to give their tribute,  why didn’t Simonetti show his face?

Isaac (really) served the Crown Heights community for over 30 years. As we all heard at the tribute, he got along with everybody in the police department, starting all the way up to the commissioner, to the Chiefs and down to the local Inspectors.

Until the sad day when the bully and thug Peter Simonetti YM”S and his henchmen Lenny Wright YM”S came to serve in the 71st precinct. In the first three weeks of being in Crown Heights, Simonetti already managed to make a big mess of things.

Like the bully and thug that Simonetti is, he came to Crown Heights to destroy all that was good. From the start he

Chanina Sperlin and Peter Simonetti

clicked (made “friends”), with the trouble makers (a.k.a Chanina Sperlin, Yankle Spritzer, the Shmira and Co.,).

When I read this…

Isaiah 5:20 speaks of such people in a like manner: “Woe to those who call the bad good, and the good bad, who take darkness to be light and light to be darkness, who take bitter to be sweet and sweet to be bitter.” Concerning them, Proverbs 2:13 states: “Those who leave the upright paths to walk in the ways of darkness.” (Rambam Hilchot De’ot – Halacha 1).

The one that comes to mind, is Peter Simonetti YM”S.

His mission was to conquer and destroy. Anybody who would dear get in his way would be mowed down. (Thank G-d, he tried and failed at this mission).

We now know, that one of Simonetti’s goals or perhaps the soul reason he was transferred to Crown Heights in the first place, was to shut down ALL Jewish Patrols, by creating a “Joint Patrol”, known as the COP, with Jews and Blacks etc…  Shomrim being a strong and growing organization found no need to join such a patrol. Shomrim also knowing the past history of how these patrol end up in disaster, decided (thank G-d), to stick with the Jewish Community.

One of the many things we heard about Isaac, from a retired Sargent (who flew all the way from Florida to honor his good friend Isaac) was how “ISAAC LOVED HIS ID”. Isaac had a special ID card from the commissioner, which gave him a lot of access to the top, inableing him to help many people in though situations.

[Note: many of Isaacs close friends heard about this ID for the first time that night, he never showed it off or talked about it]. The ID for Isaac was just another toil to help others in need. He didn’t show it off and stick it in peoples faces.

Came Peter Simonetti and only being here for a few short weeks made sure Isaac losses his ID. Simonetti threatened Isaac with an alternative, “either leave/brake all contact with Shomrim or loss your ID”. We all know which one Isaac chose to stick with. In fact, when Isaac got the call from the commissioner office  that he must give up his ID card. Isaac stated that he will come down personally to give it back. Later on the department begged Isaac to take it back and Isaac refused.

Peter Simonetti, Shame on you!!! No wounder you couldn’t show your face. You know what you did, your embarrassed and rightfully so. You owe Isaac an apology, you owe his family an apology and you owe the organization that Isaac gave his life for an apology.


7 Responses to “Inspector Peter Simonetti – Shomrim and Isaac Zellermaier Z”L:”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Privet message To

    What the hells wrong with you, why didn’t you post anything about that night?

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  3. A Friend of Isaac and Rafi Says:

    Chanina Sperlin and his gang are the culprits behind Simonetti. From his first day Chanina Sperlin and gang pumped Simonetti with hate, hate for anything good in our community.

    Chanina Sperlin made Isaac life a living hell, He sure did not give him an easy time. Isaac took this betrayal to heart, it would be a lie to say that it didn’t effect his health.

    Chanina Sperlin could not stand that another person had some power (to help another Jew), so he did anything and everything to make sure that it was taken away. Chaninas actions are disgraceful to say the least.

    Leib Skoblo had the Chutzpa of coming to Shomray Hadase to ask for forgiveness from Isaac, wearing his COPO jacket. Much pain did Leib Skoblo caused Isaac and here he is, coming to ask for forgiveness wearing an item that was used to take Isaac down. Skoblo might have well just spit in his face.

    Its so hypocritical of these animals. They will curse a person with the worse, they will do all they can do make a person life a living hell (with Mesira etc…), but once the person dies (with their help/Because of them)/as a result of their actions), all of a sudden they are asking for forgiveness and pretending like they care.

    A very good example of this is what these nazis did (and are doing) to Rafi Lefkowitz. They Mosered on him, put him in front of boards etc… make his life a living hell. These mosrim have a lot of blood on their hands.

    I will not stand idle on my brothers blood!!!

  4. john doe Says:

    Chanina Sperlin the g’vir leaves the covers on the dried fruit and nuts so nobody will touch them and hell be able use them for the next round of ass licking politicians and police brass who for some odd reason none can fathom think they’ll somehow get popular or get Jewish votes by attaching their mouths to his pecker pecker, we all know for example that Thompson didn’t get the crown heights Jewish vote against Bloomberg because he aligned himself with the Mosrim like Chanina Sperlin and Yossi Stern.

    And adding my signature A Friend of Isaac and Rafi….
    Rafi be strong and get well, as you get well and strong may the lives of those that for absolutely no fathomable reason or justification tried to destroy you wean and weaken.

    Side note: It’s obvious that the person who runs the websites which continually besmirches Rafi’s name on certain websites is someone out of the loop, someone who know absolutely nothing about anything about anyone except for those he knew ‘Personally’ meaning he is someone close to Rafi, someone even with the gall to call Rafi a friend, and doing what he did to please his monster masters Stern, Prager, Skoblo, and Huebner, may g-d avenge that which must be avenged. Peace and justice is coming to the streets of Crown Heights!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      These Mosrim kill and then want to inherit,

      They will stab you to death and then come to your funeral to cry and ask forgiveness.

      They are sick self serving animals. There is only one way to deal with them.


    So embarrassed are the fake Vaad of Mosrim that when giving an award they were so ashamed to give it to Isaacs children. Instead they oped to give it to Isaacs brother.

    It makes me sick in the stomach. These are soulless people.

    Shame on them!!!

  6. Crown Heights Says:

    when you say leib skoblo only one thing comes to mind .
    any place you touch skoblo you are touching a SCHMOCK

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