Yechi Hurts the Melech HaMoshiach


Do to the fight
that took place at the great parade 5770, over “an agreement” to say or not say Yechi,  where the the Melech HaMoshiach was standing, the MH”M sustained some serious injuries.
A broken Scull, a broken hand and finger, parts of tooth broking, eyes popping out of face, neck and back injuries to mention a few.

The MH”M after meeting with members of crown Heights Community Council, inc., shmira, their attorney Pual Huebner and Menachem Mendel Hendel, is planing to press charges against the Hecht and Tzivos Hashem, Aguch, Mekoz, Shomrim and all those darned non-believers, the”Antis”.

The District Attorneys office  will be putting their best man on the case….

Meet Dave Steingard

ADA Dave- David Steingard: Official Attorney for the Mishichistim cult and the Shmira Mesira

Do to these injuries the MH”M will not be coimng down to the main Shul at 770 Eastern Parkway for prayers and to talk.


5 Responses to “Yechi Hurts the Melech HaMoshiach”

  1. Mishichist Says:

    What hospital is the Melech Hamoshiach in?
    Will there be buses shuttling people back and forth to say Thillim?

    Will the Melech hamoshiach come testify in court?

    Is the DA looking for witnesses?

    Do they know the stocker who hurt the Moshiach?

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  3. abi Says:

    You have a great pan keep it up
    I love it
    it funny and keeps are in order.

  4. Dov Says:

    It is these type of post that kill the mishichistim the must, more then any “serious” article or op-ed. This shows how with simply being humerus and sarcastic one can expose the hypocrisy which is the Mishichist movement and everything they pretend to represent.

  5. Dave Steingard Says:

    Please Talk to me :

    e-mail –

    Twitter – davesteingard

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