A Failed Mesira: The Mossrim want to know why???


“I have no reason to make an arrest, but do to political presser I had to bring you guys in, don’t take this personal, it’s coming from the top, the chief.”

(Detective (then P.O.) Brian Duffy of the 77th precinct, arresting officer of the Shomrim Six)

Assesing what went wrong with the Shomrim six Mesira and planing to do better next time.
Assessing what went wrong with the Shomrim six Mesira and planing what to do  next time.

!לא תעמוד על דם רעך

“You shall not stand idly by your brothers blood!”

Shame on the new Chabad.info, now going by the name Collive for promoting, justifying and excusing Mesira/Mossrim yet again. May G-d bless the editors of Col (Hebrew and English) and it’s staff, to know first hand what it is to be victim to a viscous Mesira/Blood libel.

Only a few short weeks ago, Six innocent Jews from our community were being maliciously prosecuted by the DA’s office all because of pressure coming from Chanina Sperlin, Dov Hikind, Eli Poltrak and the rest of the gang. Only this past Monday (February 8th, 2010), one of those Jews was standing yet again in front of a judge to face yet another Mesira/blood libel against him.

“A little light pushes away a lot of darkness”

With all the corruption, with all the political pull, with all that “power”, the Mossrim time after time failed/lost. Becuase in the end, good will always prevail. Let me tell you my friends, it’s not the end yet. Good has a long battle ahead if it want to prevail. Peace is coming to Crown Heights.

A picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll let them speak for themselves.

Bribery and corruption: Crown Heights Council Honors

Comptroller Joins the Mix

Bloomberg, Thompson Weigh In

Senate Leader Wished Well

71st Precinct In the House

Bloomberg in Crown Heights

Captain Visits Chanina Sperlin

City politicians visit Shmira farbrengen

Etc…Etc… You  get the picture.



14 Responses to “A Failed Mesira: The Mossrim want to know why???”

  1. Col are whores Says:

    A man walks up to a woman in a bar and asks her bluntly, “My dear, would you sleep with me for a million dollars?”

    She replies after looking him over and finding him not an objectionable looking fellow, “Of course.”

    He then smiles and asks, “Would you sleep with me for twenty dollars?”

    The woman gets a horrified look on her face and then asks indignantly, “What kind of a woman do you think I am?”

    The man points out, “I think we have already established that. We are now just negotiating the price.”

    That’s right, she was a whore.

    I just can’t believe that col sold it’s soul for just $20 bucks and to whom, Chanai Sperlin?

  2. Mossrim go out!!! Says:

    Shomrim case transcripts:

    Gorfinkel -Cross- Williams- 11-17-09
    page: 1057

    Q. When you spoke to the officer was Mr.
    Braunstein or Mr. Rotem with you when you spoke to the

    A. I don’t recall.

    Q. I’m assuming someone was translating for
    you; is that correct?

    A. Correct.

    Q. And who would that be?

    A. The second time Eli Polerak.

    Q. You said the second time? Was there a
    first, Mr. Gorfinkel?

    A. I mentioned earlier during my testimony.

    Q. Do me a favor, Mr. Gorfinkel. I’m going
    to ask a question and –

    THE COURT: Put your hands down.

    Page 1058

    Q. You said a second time. Was there a
    first time that somebody translated for you before
    that time in the hospital?

    A. NO

    Q. This is the first time somebody
    translated for you; is that correct?

    A. Correct.

    THE COURT: What is the name of the

    THE WITNESS: Eli Polerak.

    THE COURT: How do you spell it?

    THE INTERPRETER: E-I-i P-o-I-e-r-a-k.

    Cross-Rotem-Mitchell 11/19/09
    page 1291
    line 16

    Q. Okay. But later on that night, when you were at
    Kings County Hospital, you did speak to the police; didn’t

    A. Personally, no.

    Q. Well, did you speak with them some other way,
    other than personally?

    A. A policeman arrived who spoke with us through a
    person named Eli Potack.

    Q. Eli Potack was interpreting for you?

    A. He was interpreting or translating, interpreting.

    Q. But like I’m talking to you right now, you had a
    translator; right?

    A. With a few more people with me.

    Q. Okay. And did the officer ask you questions
    through the translator?

    A. Yes.

    Q. He asked you what happened?

    Page 1292

    A. Basically, what happened.

    Q. Okay. And he asked you who hurt you; right?

    A. Yes.

    Q. And you didn’t name anybody other than Geddy
    Hershkop; did you?

    A. I don’t recall what I said exactly. I don’t
    remember if I said everybody’s name or I didn’t say.

    Q. Did you give a description of anybody else?

    A. It’s possible.

    Q. But you don’t recall?

    A. This detail, no.

    Q. Isn’t it true that you did not give a description
    of anybody else?

    A. Again? Come again?

    Q. Isn’t it true that you did not give a description
    of anyone else other than Geddy Hershkop?

    A. I don’t know because there were a few people there
    that together spoke with the policeman and maybe the
    interpreter simply generally gave the general interpretation
    of what we were all saying.

    THE COURT: No, it’s not what you were all
    saying or we were all saying. Did you, personally, tell
    the interpreter or speak through the interpreter and, in
    doing so, give a description of the other people?

    THE WITNESS: I can’t remember that detail.

    [When it says THE COURT, it means the judge mixed in and asked the question].
    There are parts with Huebner as well, perhaps for a different time.
    What we see here was how Poltrak and Huebner showed up at the hospital to set up this case. They put words in to the Mossrims mouths.

    • Mossrim go out!!! Says:

      The shmira did the collecting of “victims” and the driving, to the hospital and Huebner and Poltrak did the talking, setting up the case.

      Suffer and Tzatlin should be embarrassed and ashamed for selling your souls like this.
      Just please don’t say your doing this in the name of “peace” and don’t claim ignorance, you know, you were shown all the prove.

  3. john doe Says:

    “The video is not a smoking gun. There is no smoking gun in this case. I want you to take a leap of faith…”

    ADA David Steingard in his opening statements to the jury in the Shomrim Six case.

    “Did I say that???”
    Was the reaction David Steingard gave when the very next day one of the defense lawyers pointed out to the jury that in a court of law, we DON’T take “a leap of faith”.

    Indeed he did say that!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:


      This must have been the theme to this Mesira.

      When Chanina Sperlin and Dov Hikind came to the DA to push this Mesira, the DA must have asked, but on what bases are we going after them?
      The reply was “take a leap of faith” and as the commenter below wrote, they must have used the magic word “community” to convince the DA that they must go after Shomrim, because thats what the “community” wants.

      After hearing the joke of a testimony from all seven witnesses/mossrim, we can only conclude that they were told to just “take a leap of faith” when you go on the stand.

  4. i think Says:

    soffer the stupid the bottom of the barrel feeder and his whore wife think thy own lubavitch toghther with Sperlin the ganev.
    where is the 4 milion dollar for winterizing crown heights ?
    sperlin buildings and soffers house ?
    and the litle petzale ceitlin is just retard its in the geens.

  5. Communist Party Says:

    Ever notice how the Mossrim/Ballay Machlokes, the people who have been destroying this neighborhood for over 30 years like using the word “community” a lot.

    Community this and community that.

    In every letter (on line or hard paper), in every propaganda, even in comments on line.

    community, community, community.

    It’s pretty weird to say this but its now apparently a fact. The worse thing that could have ever happened to us, is this idea of “community”.
    Everything these “community” people do, is the total opposite of what the word community means.
    I guess this is part of their propaganda and it’s time we take our “Community” back from them.
    They have used and abused our “community” for too long.


  6. john doe Says:

    Just like moisser dwek sits on the stand testifying againts people that took him into their circle, people who trust he gained, who he got to mabey do favors for him or promise him favors or watever thay will be found guilty of doing illegally in federal court, so too it’s just a matter of time that the mossrem sperlin, stern, huebner etc. will be sitting on the stand testifying againts the very same politicians and police brass that are seen in pictures with laughing, eating, and partying with them, mark my words it wont be long….I have no doubt that every “favor” done is being marked down and recorded for future use againts them.

  7. i think Says:

    the taliban maschchissim try to bomb in pune so people should forget the mumbai CHABAD teror that was helped by this taliban terorists using name chabad in india.

  8. antimesira Says:

    WIS you forgot to put the mossrim of all mossrim, the father of all mossrim, Yankle the Ganef Spritzer in the Chain of Mesira.

  9. tzeitlin Says:

    Wow wis u even put a picture of collive editor yudie tzeitlin with all the pictures on this article to bad he does not give a crap about the lies u r writing & u r not getting in his way collive is about emes & they post true stuff including all the good work shmira does

    • antimesira Says:

      Funny, how do you know he doesn’t give a crap, did he tell you, did he cry to you about it and then pretended to not care. The very fact that you write about how much he does or doesn’t care means you and him had a conversation about it.

      Mission accomplished yet again for WIS.
      Keep exposing the garbage for who they really are.

  10. yudi ceitlin Says:

    yudi ceitlin is a retard (not his fault its in the geens) but col-dead is a diffrent story it all the group of Choliros On Line and Soffer Unique- whore house. and mrs soffer need a bit more tact .
    unique whore house is a cheep place . and coldead.com is DEAD and friends of mossrim and mossrim are just going down.

  11. quote of the day! Says:

    “Success is when all the right people hate you.”
    (Ed Morrissey- HotAir.com)

    When haters and Mossrim like Chanina Sperlin, Pual Huebner and gang, don’t like you, hate you and try to destroy you, all that means is your doing something right; your bring successful.

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