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למלשינים אל תהי תקוה

תעקר ותשבר ותמגר ותכניע  במהרה בימנו


8 Responses to “New Web Site:”

  1. 770 Bocher Says:

    I have seen some of these guys here for years.
    What one phone call can do to immigration, a hundred web sites can’t do.

    It’s time to get the immigration office involved.

    These guys come here to be “students”, they end up staying here for years, they work, they cause trouble in the neighborhood.

    I for one will look in to what i can do.

  2. i think Says:

    as service to the jewish nation you should start a section on the mosrim site. to add more mosrim to the master list so jews all over the world will know to stay away from families of mossrim.
    we can start with the col family all people involved in the and collive are mosrim and should be shune.
    starting from the drunk owner of col and

  3. Caring for Mossrim Says:

    The mossier Yaakov Shatz came to testify for the course of three days. In those three day there was a brake for Shabbos, which means that Shatz would not have to show up to court for the next two days (Shabbos and Sunday).
    Yet when he did show up on Monday for his third day of Mesira, he was wearing the same dirty pants(Greenish with a big stain on the right leg) and shirt he wore when he first came to court.

    He was wearing these very same pants when his mosser friend Shuki Gur testified before him. Shatz was waiting his turn. The DA has you come, when they expect you to testify.

    The Mossrim, the handlers, the shmira (Huebner, Stern etc…) and chanina Sperlin spent so much money to bring these mossrim in from all around the world, they couldn’t even give them money to take care of their basic needs.

    Gurfinkal if i remember also came wearing the same pants and shirt.
    It’s safe to say that all the mossrim where in the same position.

    This mesira had nothing to do with these bochrim, nobody cares for them, they where used just to get the Shomrim/Hershkops. The bochrim are still responsible for what they did. But don’t let anybody from the mossrim sell you stories about the “poor bochrim”.

    Just ask them, how much money they gave the “”poor bocrim’ to live, to buy cloth, food etc… Ask the mossrim if they even have the “poor bochrims numbers, so they can see how they are doing, if they might need anything?
    Ask Yossi Stern,
    Yanki Prager,
    Leib Skoblo,
    Poltrak and
    I bet they would have to look at this site just to get their names.

  4. what victims? Says:

    all these guys besides for one look pretty fit to me.
    I was under the impression that these guys were one little guys.

    on the shomrim side, besides one of the shomrim six being big the others are quit small.

  5. Mosser go out!!! Says:

    Why are these mossrim still hanging out in 770, why wont the “Gabboyim” throw them out?

    We must make sure these guys don’t get married and work in out mosdos and if possible anywhere else.

    You should make a request of people to inform you where any mosser might be at any given time.

    We must make their lives, whatever is left of them, a living hell.

  6. mosrim Says:

    And we still remember the day when Yanky Prager and Yossi Stern mossared on yitzy shochat a day never to forgive! We still wait to see what Prager said to the grand jury. We still wait to know why the shmira told him to run. We still wait for answers.

    The same people that mossered the Shomrim six had no problem only montha later to mosser one they called their own.

  7. Rambam Says:

    HILCHOT EVEL – Chapter 1
    Halacha 10

    We do not conduct mourning rites for all those who deviate from the path of the community, i.e., people who throw off the yoke of the mitzvot from their necks and do not join together with the Jewish people in the observance of the mitzvot, the honoring of the festivals, or the attendance of synagogues and houses of study. Instead, they are like free and independent people like the other nations. Similarly, we do not mourn for heretics, apostates, and people who inform on Jews to the gentiles. Instead, their brothers and their other relatives wear white clothes, robe themselves in white, eat, drink, and celebrate for the enemies of the Holy One, blessed be He, have perished. Concerning them, Psalms139:21 states: “Those who hate You, O God, will I hate.”

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