Monday February 8th 2010. The Fight For Life/Light is not over Yet


Come Show Support!

אינה דומה שמיעה לראיה

Six members of our community, who volunteer in Shomrim, are sitting on trial at:

320 Jay Street

9:30am 4th floor

Come See For Yourself

ולכל בני ישראל לא יחרץ- כלב לשונו”

(שמות י”א – ז)

“But against all the children of Israel, a dog will not sharpen its tongue”

(Shemos 11-7)

He redeemed my soul in peace from battles against me, because of the many who were with me. May G-d-He who is enthroned from the days of old, Selah-hear and humble those in whom there is no change, and who do not fear G-d. He extended his hands against his allies, he profaned his covenant. Smoother than butter are the words of his mouth, but war is in his heart; his words are softer than oil, yet they are curses. Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous man falter. And You, O G-d, will bring them down to the nethermost pit; bloodthirsty and treacherous men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in You.

(Psalm 55:19-24)

Please say some extra Tehillim for all of Klal Yisroel.  Mesira doesn’t just effect the one being Mossered on, it effects the whole Jewish nation. How much more blood will have to spill???

13 Responses to “Monday February 8th 2010. The Fight For Life/Light is not over Yet”

  1. madinbrooklyn Says:

    is it true that the head man for the mishichistim Mr. Mendle Hendel (MH”M) got his but kicked in and tires slashed this past Simchas Torah by his fellow mishichistim, you know the ones he created.

    word is going around how the clown Poltorak also go his but kicked in by mishichist.

    Oh how the world turn!

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Psalms Chapter 10:
    This psalm tells of the wicked one’s prosperity and his boasting of it, until he says: “There is neither law nor judge. God pays no attention to the actions of mere mortals.”

    1. Why, O Lord, do You stand afar, do You hide Yourself in times of distress?
    2. The wicked man in his arrogance pursues the poor; they are caught by the schemes they have contrived.
    3. For the wicked man glories in the desire of his heart, and the robber boasts that he has scorned the Lord.
    4. The wicked one in his insolence [thinks], “He does not avenge”; all his thoughts are, “There is no God.”
    5. His ways always succeed; Your retribution is far removed from before him; he puffs at all his foes.
    6. He says in his heart, “I shall not falter; for all generations no evil will befall me.”
    7. His mouth is full of oaths, deceit and malice; mischief and iniquity are under his tongue.
    8. He sits in ambush near open cities; in hidden places he murders the innocent; his eyes stealthily watch for the helpless.
    9. He lurks in hiding like a lion in his lair; he lurks to seize the poor, then seizes the poor when he draws his net.
    10. He crouches and stoops, then the helpless fall prey to his might.
    11. He says in his heart, “God has forgotten, He conceals His countenance, He will never see.”
    12. Arise, O Lord! O God, lift Your hand! Do not forget the lowly.
    13. Why does the wicked man scorn God? Because he says in his heart, “You do not avenge.”
    14. Indeed, You do see! For You behold the mischief and vexation. To recompense is in Your power; the helpless place their trust in You; You have [always] helped the orphan.
    15. Break the strength of the wicked; then search for the wickedness of the evil one and You will not find it.
    16. The Lord reigns for all eternity; the nations have vanished from His land.
    17. Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; direct their hearts, let Your ear listen,
    18. to bring justice to the orphan and the downtrodden, so that [the wicked] shall no longer crush the frail of the earth.

  3. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Psalms Chapter 112:
    1. Praise the Lord! Fortunate is the man who fears the Lord, and desires His commandments intensely.
    2. His descendants will be mighty on the earth; he will be blessed with an upright generation.
    3. Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures forever.
    4. Even in darkness light shines for the upright, for [He is] Compassionate, Merciful, and Just.
    5. Good is the man who is compassionate and lends, [but] provides for his own needs with discretion.
    6. For he will never falter; the righteous man will be an eternal remembrance.
    7. He will not be afraid of a bad tiding; his heart is steadfast, secure in the Lord.
    8. His heart is steadfast, he does not fear, until he sees his oppressors [destroyed].
    9. He has distributed [his wealth], giving to the needy. His righteousness will endure forever; his might will be uplifted in honor.
    10. The wicked man will see and be angry; he will gnash his teeth and melt away; the wish of the wicked will be ruined.

  4. Please say Tehilim for... Says:

    lease take a moment and say a Kapitel Tehillim for a Yeshua.

    Nechemia Shaul Yosef ben Miriam

    Schneur Zalman ben Esther Leah

    Binyomin ben Dvorah Tzirl

    Schneur Gedalia ben Shterna Sara

    Chaim Dov ben Shterna Sara

    Yehuda Aryeh ben Shterna Sara

    Six members of our community who are standing trial today and are facing real jail time.

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    No excuses!
    If you don’t come and see, don’t shoot off your mouth and give your “opinion” on something you know nothing about.

    What one hour in court can do for the truth, 100 pages of propaganda can’t do.

    Nothing WIS or any news outlet will write and show after the case will do justice to what actually took place.

    Come and see and I promise this will change your prospective/outlook not only in this case but in any other day today matters.

  6. 'Junior' Gotti freed after mistrial declared Says:

    By TOM HAYS (AP) – 1 hour ago

    NEW YORK — A judge declared a mistrial Tuesday at the racketeering trial of John “Junior” Gotti after a jury failed to reach a verdict against the son of the notorious Gambino crime family mob boss — the case’s fourth hung jury in five years.

    The anonymous jurors deliberated 11 days before notifying the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked over racketeering conspiracy and murder charges. Prosecutors accused Gotti of ordering gangland hits to settle scores and of secretly pocketing drug money despite insisting he’d gone straight.

    U.S. District Judge Kevin P. Castel freed Gotti — behind bars for more than a year — on $2 million bond while the government decides whether to seek a fifth trial.

    About three hours later, a smiling Gotti walked out of Manhattan federal court and told a crush of reporters that he was looking forward to spending time with his children. The family planned to celebrate the outcome with a steak dinner.

    “It was difficult for me,” he said. “I can only imagine what it was like for them.”

    He also thanked the jury for keeping an open mind despite mob lore — “a hard thing to do.”

    Three hours earlier, the jury had sent U.S. District Judge Kevin P. Castle a note that read: “Judge Castel, we cannot reach a unanimous decision on any count.”

    Castel notified the jury that he was declaring a mistrial, and applause erupted in the courtroom among Gotti supporters. Once the jury left the courtroom, Gotti hugged his attorney. Victoria Gotti, Gotti’s sister, tearfully said outside court: “We’re ravaged. We’re beaten down, but we’re not broken.”

    Asked about a possibility of another trial, she said: “Just let it go. We’re no organized crime family. We’re a family. That’s all we are.”

    Afterward, some jurors said they were evenly split throughout their deliberations on all counts. But they were unanimous on one point: The government’s star cooperator, admitted mob enforcer and former Gotti friend John Alite, bombed on the witness stand.

    “The whole jury agreed he was the least credible,” said one juror who refused to give his name. The jurors identities were withheld by the court for their protection, a common practice in mob cases.

    Gotti’s assessment of Alite: “He meant nothing to me. He was an animal then. He’s animal now.”

    Three previous trials in the same Manhattan courthouse — alleging the 45-year-old Gotti orchestrated a kidnapping and attempted murder plot against Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa — ended in hung juries in 2005 and 2006.

    “We are evaluating how to proceed and, in the near future, will inform the Court and the defense of our decision,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.

    Prosecutors in the latest case renewed the Sliwa accusation, but also raised the stakes by alleging that Gotti left behind a trail of bodies while following in the footsteps of the late John “Dapper Don” Gotti. Claims by the Don’s eldest son that he quit the Mafia in 1999 were preposterous, they said.

    “It makes no sense,” Assistant U.S. Attorney James Trezevant said in closing arguments. “He never, never quit that life.”

    In his closing argument, Gotti’s lawyer recounted how Gotti, while visiting his imprisoned-for-life father, confided that he didn’t have the stomach for La Cosa Nostra.

    “It’s not working for me, and it’s not working for my kids,” attorney Charles Carnesi quoted his client as saying.

    Carnesi also attacked the prosecution’s turncoat witnesses. He argued they were willing to tell lies about Gotti to reduce their own prison sentences.

    Alite testified about the younger Gotti’s rise through the family ranks — and about his violent temper. He claimed Gotti once shot a man for mocking the size of his handgun.

    “Is this big enough?” Alite quoted Gotti as saying as he grabbed a nearby rifle and shot the man in the hip.

    Alite told jurors that Gotti drafted him for a 1990 hit — the victim was an associate who had dared to ignore one of his father’s orders — in the parking garage of the World Trade Center. He also said the defendant repeatedly urged him to earn his organized crime stripes by killing a childhood friend of Alite who was telling people that he was selling drugs for Gotti.

    “John Gotti Jr. kept saying to me in ’88: `You didn’t kill this kid yet, you didn’t shoot him, you didn’t do this.’ … He wanted me to kill him,” Alite said.

    The trial was punctuated by hysterical outbursts. With the jury on a lunch break and Alite leaving the witness stand, Gotti lost it: A deputy U.S. marshal told a prosecutor that he saw him mouth the words: “I’ll kill you” to Alite. When Alite responded, Gotti erupted, shouting: “You’re a punk! You’re a dog! You’re a dog! You always were a dog your whole life, you punk dog.”

    Gotti’s mother, also named Victoria, erupted another time with the jury absent, screaming out to her son, “They’re railroading you! They’re doing to you what they did to your father!”

    Her husband, like their son, had a knack for evading convictions on a variety of mob indictments brought against him, earning him his other nickname, “Teflon Don.” He finally was convicted in 1992 of murder and racketeering and died in prison.

    Associated Press Writer Larry Neumeister contributed to this report.

  7. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Chapter 140
    David composed this psalm against his slanderers, especially the chief conspirator Doeg. Anyone confronted by slanderers should recite this psalm.

    1. For the Conductor, a psalm by David. 2. Rescue me from the evil man, protect me from the man of violence, 3. who devise evil schemes in their heart; every day they gather for wars. 4. They sharpen their tongues like a serpent; the spider’s venom is forever under their lips. 5. Guard me, Lord, from the hands of the wicked, protect me from the man of violence-those who plot to cause my steps to slip. 6. Arrogant ones have hidden a snare for me, and ropes; they spread a net by my path, they set traps for me continually. 7. I said to the Lord, “You are my God!” Listen, O Lord, to the voice of my pleas. 8. God, my Lord, the strength of my deliverance, You sheltered my head on the day of armed battle. 9. Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked; fulfill not his scheme, make it unattainable forever. 10. As for the head of my besiegers, let the deceit of their own lips bury them. 11. Let burning coals fall upon them; let it cast them down into the fire, into deep pits, never to rise again. 12. Let not the slanderous man be established in the land; let the evil of the man of violence trap him until he is overthrown. 13. I know that the Lord will execute judgment for the poor, justice for the needy. 14. Indeed, the righteous will extol Your Name; the upright will dwell in Your presence.

  8. Phil Says:

    I am stuck in the backwoods of the Louisiana Bayou but, I am saying Tehilim these poor souls. May all that they’ve had to endure come back to their persecuters many times over. I wish I could be there to show my own support for them but they are in my tefilos, on my mind and in my heart.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Mazel Tov Shomrim!

  10. Sam Says:

    Is this the same trial as last time? Or is this the lawsuit? (or something else)

  11. hitman Says:

    until they get hit back with the very same system they are using, this mesira will never end.
    Anybody can dial 311 and send letters. Make them feel what mesira is and I promise it will stop.

  12. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Baroch Hashem the Mossrim didn’t get anything they expected.
    And since they are getting the unexpected, lets keep the trend going.

    The question is who takes responsibility for the blood thats spilled and is spilling?

    We will find out, in time.

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