Hypocrites Hypocrites Hypocrites


For over two years now, Mossrim like Chanina Sperlin and Mendle Hendel and co., Have been pushing for the arrest and prosecution of six members of our  community (known to us now as the Shomrim Six). Chanina Sperlin used his political connections to have the Shomrim Six arrested. Chanina Sperlin (son of a felon) later would use his connections to pressure the DA’s office to up the simple  misdemeanor charges to felonies which could have easily landed them in jail for 15 years G-d forbid. Any caring and truthful person that took the time to come to court knows as a matter of fact that the Shomrim Six trial was the joke of the court system (every judge, lawyer and law office knows about this joke of a case). The Judge wanted it over before it started but the DA ‘s office insisted that it precede (from orders from the top).  This case should have not gone to trial, but it did and it and may I add very maliciously.

Mendle Hendel, Chanina Sperlin, Yaakov Schwei, Zev Cadaner, Eli Poltrak* and Yingy Bistritzky and many others in the community (ranging from mishichist leaders and Mashpiyim and anybody that maybe could help, anybody whom might have some influence) were approached to help stop this Mesira before it went to trial. They all pretended that they can’t do a thing, some even justified and excused.

Even when the Bais Din sent the Mossrim Hazmona to a Din Torah the day before they were to testify (to inform them that they had no permission) the DA came in the next day threating to lock [G-d forbid] up the Rabbonim for interfering with the law.

Now, these same people are threating and intimidating residence that could G-d forbid loss their houses not to go testify in court to try and save their homes. I’m not getting in to what did or did not actually happen with Eli Ezagui, thats not the point of this post and let’s not make it about that, this is not a post about Eli Ezagui’s guilt or innocents. This is about how the same people who stood by a few weeks ago and supported, justified and  excused a viscous Mesira against Six of our own residents that go above and beyond to do Chesed (acts of goodness and kindness), to make out community a better place, are now all of a sudden helping another Jew and using the “Don’t do Mesira” argument ???

[Reminder: I don’t know the specifics of whether in this case it was or is a Mesira, each individual must go ask his Rov. What I do know is, that there has not been a letter from any Rav stating that  there is no right to testify. Let me make it clear, if they don’t testify, they will loss their homes and those telling them not to are not offering any other alternative].

Some of these all of a sudden righteous people either straight out supported the Mossrim, Helping them make the complaints; taking them to the Da’s office and flying them in to testify etc… Some of these righteous people just stood by pretending they just can’t do anything, not even protest.  These very same people  are intimidating members of our community with what, MESIRA???? They are putting immense pressure, telling people that to go testify would be MESIRA. [again, not getting to whether it is or isn’t Mesira, thats not what this post is about].  All of a sudden these same people whom only a few short weeks ago stood by and let a viscous blood libel/Mesira happen (and still is happening with the lawsuit and one Shomrim volunteer still in court on false charges)  are worried about Mesira?

A message to all those who are fighting to keep their homes, tell these Hypocrites to go to hell.

Ask them where they where when six of your friends and neighbors where being maliciously  prosecuted by their fellow Jews? (may I add, not even from Crown Heights). Ask them, how do they still allow this Mesira to go on as they speak to you about how Mesira is bad?. Ask them for a letter from a Bais Din that this is indeed a Mesira. Ask them How they will help you when you loss your house.  And must impotently, ask them what is their motive in this. We all know they don’t care about Mesira, so what is it?

*Eli Poltrak is calling  victims of this unfortunate episode and offering them his services as a lawyer. Besides Mesira Mr. Poltrak knows nothing, he can’t help you, don’t let him fool you, he will take your money and run. Eli Poltrak (as heard in testimony in court) was involved in helping the Mossrim in the Shomrim Six case. Eli Poltrak is working together with Paul Huebner to fight against Shomrim and the Rabbonim/Bais Din of our community. Eli Poltrak is a Mosser and lier.  This past October (Tishrei), both Poltrak and Codaner were approached and asked to help stop with the Mesira against the Shomrim Six, they just laughed it off and justified and excused Mesira. Poltrak even used the line…  “If your innocent, you don’t have anything to worry about”.

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12 Responses to “Hypocrites Hypocrites Hypocrites”

  1. Whats good for me is good for you Says:

    The shmira mesira and their mossrim supporters should use the same “Justice” they expected for Shomrim for Eli Ezagui.

    All those comments the mossrim wrote on the lines of…

    “Let the justice system do it’s things”

    “Now true justice will happen”

    “If they are innocent then nothing will happen”

    “If they are guilty, then let them rot in jail”

    “every dog has his day!!!”


    “It’s about time these guys face justice!”

    “Yea right! just watch and see what the jury says!”

    “ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can and must be done (according to the law) to stop this inhuman behavior”…

    “Although I feel bad for these low lives, and deep in my heart I hope they won’t be spending time behind bars, however, they MUST BE STOPPED! Using brutal force and/or ridiculous schemes they have wrecked havoc in this community and they do not feel accountable to anyone!It is now time for Justice to prevail (and be enforced) ! Please, let’s hope they don’t”

    ETC… ETC… to see more about ‘true justice’ visit the shmira-mishichist web sites.

    Let them apply this “justice” to themselves. Whats good for the goose is good gander! After all the shmira mesira and Chabad.info are fair and balanced they only care for justice (?).

  2. antimesira Says:

    When you have a mosser like Eli Poltrak making phone calls for you, it says much about what your all about.

    You want to know who a person is, just look at who his friends are. I’m sorry, but if Mr.Ezagui want to make a good case for himself, its best he find some new friends.

  3. mossrim go out!!! Says:

    Shomrim case transcripts:

    Gorfinkel -Cross- Williams- 11-17-09
    page: 1057

    Q. When you spoke to the officer was Mr.
    Braunstein or Mr. Rotem with you when you spoke to the
    A. I don’t recall.
    Q. I’m assuming someone was translating for
    you; is that correct?
    A. Correct.
    Q. And who would that be?
    A. The second time Eli Polerak.
    Q. You said the second time? Was there a
    first, Mr. Gorfinkel?
    A. I mentioned earlier during my testimony.
    Q. Do me a favor, Mr. Gorfinkel. I’m going
    to ask a question and —
    THE COURT: Put your hands down.

    Page 1058

    Q. You said a second time. Was there a
    first time that somebody translated for you before
    that time in the hospital?
    A. NO
    Q. This is the first time somebody
    translated for you; is that correct?
    A. Correct.
    THE COURT: What is the name of the
    THE WITNESS: Eli Polerak.
    THE COURT: How do you spell it?
    THE INTERPRETER: E-I-i P-o-I-e-r-a-k.

    Cross-Rotem-Mitchell 11/19/09
    page 1291
    line 16

    Okay. But later on that night, when you were at
    Kings County Hospital, you did speak to the police; didn’t
    A. Personally, no.
    Q. Well, did you speak with them some other way,
    other than personally?
    A policeman arrived who spoke with us through a
    person named Eli Potack.

    Q. Eli Potack was interpreting for you?
    A. He was interpreting or translating, interpreting.
    Q. But like I’m talking to you right now, you had a
    translator; right?
    A. With a few more people with me.
    Q. Okay. And did the officer ask you questions
    through the translator?
    A. Yes.
    Q. He asked you what happened?

    Page 1292

    A. Basically, what happened.
    Q. Okay. And he asked you who hurt you; right?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And you didn’t name anybody other than Geddy
    Hershkop; did you?
    A. I don’t recall what I said exactly. I don’t
    remember if I said everybody’s name or I didn’t say.
    Q. Did you give a description of anybody else?
    A. It’s possible.
    Q. But you don’t recall?
    A. This detail, no.
    Q. Isn’t it true that you did not give a description
    of anybody else?
    A. Again? Come again?
    Q. Isn’t it true that you did not give a description
    of anyone else other than Geddy Hershkop?
    A. I don’t know because there were a few people there
    that together spoke with the policeman and maybe the
    interpreter simply generally gave the general interpretation
    of what we were all saying.
    THE COURT: No, it’s not what you were all
    saying or we were all saying. Did you, personally, tell
    the interpreter or speak through the interpreter and, in
    doing so, give a description of the other people?
    THE WITNESS: I can’t remember that detail.

    [When it says THE COURT, it means the judge mixed in and asked the question].
    There are parts with Huebner as well, perhaps for a different time.
    What we see here was how Poltrak and Huebner showed up at the hospital to set up this case. They put words in to the Mossrims mouths.

  4. P.M. Says:

    yechi hamelech may the mosserim die a slow painful death!!!

  5. Shuky Gur Says:

    REBBE said to rabbi yeruslavsky
    the end of this mosrim will be like the mosrim in the U.S.S.R
    we all will see the end of this mosrim ym”s
    like we read in the torah on shoboss how the egiptions all
    went down in the red sea.
    this 7 mosrim are worst than the egiptions and mr hikind the chiff mosser will have his day as well.
    dont worry mr. hikind your best friend Heintz is on to you !!!
    all your mesiros will not help you you are dun.

  6. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    A good idea would be to call Poltorak before he calls you, anybody can do this and ask him why he helped mosser other yidden and now he pretends to care about mesira?

    Heres how to contact him.
    Poltorak PC
    1650 Eastern Parkway
    Suite 400
    Brooklyn, NY 11233
    T. (718) 943-8815
    F. (718) 943-8816

  7. antimesira Says:

    you did not mention Dov Hikind, who was a big part of this mesira.

  8. Shuky Gur Says:

    dov hikind and yvett clarke the ani semite are best friends

  9. just me Says:

    unsure what yingy b has to do with this whole mess? isn’t he heading hatzolo? I thought shomrim and hatzolo are ok! What’s wrong with this picture.

    Also the owners sud absolutely go to court – they are idiots if they listen now to higher authorities whom proved they were all a joke when it came down to it – the 6 court case v’chulu – what a bunch of horse s–t all around – utterly amazing!

  10. court Says:

    these vicious individuals (Mossrim) used the Hazmana to the Din Torah in court attempting to have the six defendants remanded and locked up for the duration of this long, tedious and expensive trial. And these are the same people that so callously twisted and used the names of Rabbonim to further their own agenda, with blatant disregard for the respect of the Rabbonim of this community. These same people are now shouting Mesira.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Any (so called) Yid that takes another Yid to secular court instead of taking them to a Din Torah is playing a dangerous game with his Neshoma and will be held accountable by a higher authority at the appropriate time. No money in the world is worth what awaits a MOISSER in the world to come. You are playing with fire.


    Disclaimer: I’m not getting in to what did or did not actually happen with Eli Ezagui, thats not the point of this post and let’s not make it about that, this is not a post about Eli Ezagui’s guilt or innocents. This is about how the same people who stood by a few weeks ago and supported, justified and excused a viscous Mesira against Six of our own residents that go above and beyond to do Chesed (acts of goodness and kindness), to make our community a better place, are now all of a sudden helping another Jew and using the “Don’t do Mesira” argument ???


    Jury: Hershkop is Guilty – Faces 30 Years in Prison


    Feel free to use the comment section to post a ‘what would have been’ comment from a shmira mesira member or supporter. To get an idea, visit sites like chabad.info and other shmira propaganda sites (search Shomrim), just copy and paste the comments from there, change Hershkop or Shomrim to Ezagui and your good to go.

    This is why our Torah teaches: “What is hateful to you, don’t do to others”

    And common sense dictates: “He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”

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